Does the governing body know what they are doing?

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  • oldskool

    To answer this question another one needs addressed first. What exactly should the governing body be doing instead of what it is doing? If we play outside consultant, with only the JW orgs best interest at heart, what would be the advice moving forward?

    The first thing you do is go on an info hunt. Top down and bottom up. Financial, but also current values and attitudes present in leaders and members. You identify major problems by speaking with those in leadership roles in addition to current and former members. You assess the limitations, the mistakes along with the strengths, to figure out the most valuable lessons. You run the data and see what it tells you.

    I have a gut feeling that this was done, but on the cheap. A generic plan was built for the future without any consideration for the past. I'm not very confident they came up with the strategy top to bottom on their own. They got guidance from "professionals". Whoever they hired to assist (anybody on the inside find this out?) probably was paid a good bit, but didn't have access to everything they needed for a full comprehensive strategy. The leaders felt desperate, and just went with the plan without consideration to the past.

    At this point I think we should all work to find out who they hired to build this strategy for them. Of course they could have come up with this on their own, but on the chance they didn't determining which firm was hired would be an interesting fact to score.


    How can you NOT know what you are doing, when you deliberately mistranslate Micha 6:8 and base an entire convention, complete with horrible propaganda, on that deliberately mistranslated scripture??

    How can you NOT know what you are doing when you meet every Wednesday as "The Faithful Slave", and decide to spend God's money to fight mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse in court, while using "Clergy/Penitent" as your defense?

    How can you NOT know what you are doing, when you NEVER cite the source material of quotes in the WT magazine, and borrow interpretations of "worldly", "false religious" beneficiaries of "Satanic" higher education to claim there is no "evil slave?"

    How can you NOT know what you are doing, when you are making billions in Real Estate, and dodging taxes, while rebranding and emptying the savings accounts of congregations?!



    They hired Monica Applewhite. THE END.


  • David_Jay

    I have to agree with LisaRose.

    All people, including each of us, have an instinct that keeps us from second-guessing ourselves. We learn from an early age that fire is hot, gravity will pull us down, eat too much food--even if we like it--will make us sick, etc. Once we establish basic fundamentals we don't second guess these things. We even build on them. Later if someone tries to get us to touch fire, or the equivalent, we won't believe them.

    Normally this works out fine. But it can go astray with personal convictions. They don't have to be religious either (take Marxism and Nazism for example). Once we accept something as true and believe we are right, we get entrenched and invested in the idea. Someone comes along and tries to tell us different, we will refuse to believe.

    We can all remember some time other than being a JW when we may have stubbornly refused to admit we were wrong. We may have even balked against the best evidence and sat in denial in these cases. Eventually we came around, but it was hard to admit we were wrong, no?

    Now remember how convinced we were as Witnesses. What would that have looked like if you had more invested in it than you did? Would any of us have left as comparatively easily as we did?

    Now think of the present Governing Body, how far beyond the original plans, hopes, and beliefs they have taken all this. Good grief, it is 2016! Jesus originally "returned" in 1874 and it was supposed to be over in 1914, and it is now far beyond that. Even with the revised "before the generation that saw the events of 1914 passes away," that generation basically perished. The original Governing Body is gone. None of them are around. Franz is long dead. They are asking for money in a televangelist format, sold DUMBO, and have a Bible and Tract Society that virtually does not produce printed materials anymore. And on top of that, "overlapping generations"? Overlapping generations, people! What the f#*k?!

    Deluding themselves is all they can do now. To think you are leading people astray and that God isn't responsible for making you think up such silly fodder--what is the alternative? Can these humans survive if they suddenly woke up to the reality that they are teaching millions of people stupid things that have no basis in reality? They aren't even good religious beliefs, as far as religion goes. Can the psyche even deal with such crushing acceptance of how wrong and off course you are if you are a GB member who suddenly snapped into realizing the real truth of it all?

  • stuckinarut2

    Like the story of the "emperors new clothes", they really believe that they blessed with gods backing.....and while ever all witnesses promote and buy into the fallacy, it will just build and build momentum...

    All it needs though, is a flurry of people up top to say "hang on...this is just nonsense!"

  • konceptual99

    Having just watched a number of the RC videos, especially ones like the one set post GT and the bunker videos, I have to say the GB know EXACTLY what they are doing.

    They may be deluded but the way the messages are being presented in these slick videos is utterly compelling if your mind is set to be receptive. The production values, music score, storyboard - everything about them - are the most powerful tools they have ever produced IMHO.

    A picture tells a thousand words and the level to which the organisation is employing these videos now is evidence that the GB fully understands the impact that this medium can have. They have used stories and threads in images in publications before but the way these videos are interlinked and build towards a highly emotional conclusion is very, very well done and a takes the indoctrination machine to a completely new level.

    The organisation used to lambast other religions for being biased towards emotion based worship. They used to sneer at the style over substance content typical of evangelical church services. They had a pride in their encouragement of study, albeit their own bastardisation of real study.

    For those of us still attending meetings, have you noted that there is no longer the emphasis on meeting preparation that there once was? Ask yourself when was the last time you heard a talk that emphasised the need to pre-study the Watchtower or prepare for the midweek meeting? No longer do individuals have to come up with presentations, they are given by video then demonstrated by rote. The outline for all talks are there in the meeting workbook, far less scope for brothers to use their own material in instruction talks.

    Family worship and high level "research" is still mentioned but the organisation has shamelessly moved from one that prided itself on pseudo academic study of the bible to one where the main method of control and indoctrination is through videos that provoke strong emotional reactions, inspiring responses that condition the mind into belief with zero underlying reason.

    I repeat. The GB know EXACTLY what they are doing. They know that the march of time undermines their doctrine. They know the evidence that debunks their religion is a mere mouse click away. They know their religion is unsustainable and that eventually they will contract.

    They know that the ONLY way of keeping people hooked in this fast paced society with it's short attention spans and countless distractions is through emotion, though tapping into base feelings that ensure emotional decision making at the cost of logic.

    People choose what they want, not what they need. The GB is using every trick in the book now to make people want what they are selling above anything else in their lives.

  • smiddy

    Does it really matter if they know what they are doing ?

    If they do know what they are doing , they are charlatans , and will eventually come unstuck in time.

    If they are truly delusional , believing they are Gods mouthpiece ( which I personally doubt) again , time will bring them unstuck.

    Whether the Governing Body Knows what their doing ,

    or don`t know what their doing is beside the point.

    The fact is they are an American based religion started in the 1800`s claiming to be Gods true people to spread the word , not unlike many other American based religions claiming the same thing.

    Have they proved to be Gods chosen people over anyone else ? Have any of their prophetic statements ever come true ?

    In over 100 years , of Christ Jesus Rule , what sets them apart from any other religion , that can`t claim a similar thing.

    The name JEHOVAH ? that`s been around in Christendom for hundreds of years before JW`s.came on the scene .

    I think the GB are on a treadmill they cant get off. They have invested so much time and energy into supporting this religion , they can`t lose face and abandon it .

    Pride , arrogance , and stubboness come to mind., refusing to admit they were wrong.


  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I am with you, DataDog & Konceptual, they know what they are doing.

    Just look in their eyes when Lett says 'it's all apostate lies" or Geoffrey Jackson responds to ARC's question, "will people get disfellowshipped if they celebrate Christmas?" "no" ...................

    How about when Angus asked, "Is it not the case that, had Jesus been asked about a case of sexual abuse he may have referred back to this part of Deuteronomy, and said that it's not required to have two witnesses? (about a woman ALONE (no second witness) in a field with a man, getting raped and the man would have gotten stoned.)

    Jackson coyly responds, "I certainly would like to ask Jesus that, and I certainly can't at the moment, but I hope to in the future"

    Tony Morris.... can we just say "tight pants"? Look at his face.

    And Splane? when he "splanes" the overlapping generations? "Don't we just love this new teaching?'

    When these men are going to live in 'castles' and tell everyone else to live in poverty?

    I am a woman, I wasn't even an elder, or CO or DO, but THEY have been. If I figured out that they were ripping people off at conventions & assemblies, lying that "we don't have enough $$ to cover expenses" when they actually plan to say that each time, and send the pre-planned amount off to Bethel each time.... They are in the backrooms, the elders meetings, the "memo room" .... They know. They might not CARE, they may be cold hearted, but they know.

    They have invented the policies. They may not be in total control.... but they know.

    They have seen behind the curtains.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I just have to put this video here because I think it clearly show the GB don't know jack shit about what they are doing while running Jeho's hot rod Chariot like organ into every every thing they see. BTW we need to see more of the GB making "worldly' court appearances.


    Does the governing body know what they are doing?

    The WBT$ GB Rock Star Popes,don`t need to know what they`re doing..

    They Need..

    Extremely Stupid People,Who Blindly Follow Orders..

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