Is the Bible from Men, NOT God?

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  • JW On The Loose
    JW On The Loose

    The-question.... I hope you aren't counting your time for these "discussions"... because you're only causing trouble and you're an annoyance for people really trying to move on from WTS

  • Finkelstein
  • freemindfade

    If this jackass spent 5 minutes doing any kind of real "background" research on the bible he would know what a pile of crap it is. Keep your blind faith in the goat herders guide to the galaxy there chief.

  • waton

    The bible should not be compared to other "holy" books for veracity, but established current science, how that work out? Genesis 1:! "In the beginning God created-- the Earth" ---not. failure right there.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Glad you gave up gambling, that will help your peace of mind but you shouldn't go overboard... it doesn't give you the right to claim that the Bible is true.

    You were reading the wrong books in the library. Any book written by a "Bible scholar" will have a bias toward supporting an idea that the Bible must be true. That is the wrong type of book to read.

    You need to study the works of academic historians who have spent their lives impartially studying the ancient texts such as Thomas L Thompson and archeologists such as Israel Finkelstein and Neil A Silberman in their book, "The Bible Unearthed".

    Academics take the emotion out of questions, religious people mainstream on emotion. There are no shortcuts towards proper study.

    By reading the right books we soon get an insight into the naivety of people putting religion before reality. Religious minds have every reason to deliberately ignore scientific evaluations, it pulls the plug on their spiritual hopes.

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