Is the Bible from Men, NOT God?

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  • the-Question

    " assuming they gave you their published literature to do an thorough academic examination."

    ASSuming again?

  • the-Question

    Bugbear, that to me is inconceivable- with all the DESIGN in the universe!

  • Bugbear

    I´m sorry to say that your ”designer” must have drunk or out of order when he “designed” the world. Think of all diseases from mosquitos, bacteria’s, cancer, earthquakes, tsunamis, meteorites, that has almost obligated all his “creations”, all the volcano eruptions, and the famine that kills almost every minute at least 5 under aged children. (Less than 5 years) or Think of a father a God that drown all his children in a flood about 4.300 years ago….???!!!

  • punkofnice
    "It would be interesting to hear your answers to your own questions. thanks."
    When approached by JWs, I was a thief, a gambler- and had no morals.
    I did not WANT to believe the Bible true- and told them so.
    They encouraged me to do research into the Background of the Bible- and being a Thinker, I figured it interesting...expecting to find all KINDS of holes and fallacies.
    After weeks of going to the Library, I was shocked to discover just the OPPOSITE!

    Er...that doesn't answer the questions, mate. What is your native language? I ask as it doesn't seem to be english, and might help if we knew.

  • punkofnice

    the question. Look, mate. We all know you're trolling us. Some of us, like me, think it's amusing to feed the troll (you). This gives us ammo to show to the jobos as reasons to avoid the filthy, disgusting, paedophile ridden cult called Jehovah's witnesses.

    Please, just get real and stop humbugging about.


    Are you anointed? Have YOU studied the scriptures with a Concordance and prayer, or just Watchtard Publications?

    I know so much more than you, that it's not even possible to begin a conversation. That's not bragging, just fact.

    Every student that is properly taught will become like his master. Every true master desires his student to surpass him. This is not so with the GB.

    They do not want anyone to be like them. They have retarded your growth. You will never become an adult by following them, you will only be a Watchtard.

    Do yourself a favor and stop being a sycophantic Watchtard.


  • schnell

    Earth already existed- before the Creative 'Days'- but was a "waste'.

    First- Light to reach the Earth (source not specified)

    Second- Plant life

    Third- Animal Life

    Last- man. Formed from the ground. No 'immortal soul'.

    Not, as in religions of that time, a drop of blood from battling Gods becoming the first man.

    Not a fish becoming a monkey becoing a man...with female versions evolving at the same rate side by side...

    I like how this person says it goes along with science, and then goes against science.

    I like how this person says it isn't like the other religions at the time, when it is comparable to the Enuma Elish, which takes place over 7 tablets and has a new generation of gods creating on each tablet. On the 6th tablet, the gods create man so that the gods on 7th tablet can rest. The Hebrew bōhū and tōhū translated "formless and void" are also comparable to the violence of the behemoth Apsu and Tiamat.

    But hey, you wanna believe this bullshit's the truth, you'll leap tall buildings in a single bound to get there.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    So some delusional jewish desert prophets decided to call the imaginary sky fairy "Jay Hoover" and then called first dibs on an embellished history book known as "The Bible". What's your point watchtard?

  • Viviane
    thank you for the condescending insult.

    Mere observer of reality. Why are you insulted by the obvious?

  • Viviane
    They encouraged me to do research into the Background of the Bible- and being a Thinker, I figured it interesting...expecting to find all KINDS of holes and fallacies.

    Your first thought was correct.

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