Is the Bible from Men, NOT God?

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  • Viviane

    Am I mistakenly or did the-Quesrion respond to his own troll account?

  • Vidiot
    "...the Genesis account is the ONLY sensible explanation (going along with science) of how we got here..."


    Uh... okay.

    I've yet to see how the Genesis account even remotely synchs up with science, but whatever.

  • the-Question

    "It would be interesting to hear your answers to your own questions. thanks."

    When approached by JWs, I was a thief, a gambler- and had no morals.

    I did not WANT to believe the Bible true- and told them so.

    They encouraged me to do research into the Background of the Bible- and being a Thinker, I figured it interesting...expecting to find all KINDS of holes and fallacies.

    After weeks of going to the Library, I was shocked to discover just the OPPOSITE!

  • the-Question
    Viviane- thank you for the condescending insult.


  • the-Question

    "I've yet to see how the Genesis account even remotely synchs up with science, but whatever."

    Earth already existed- before the Creative 'Days'- but was a "waste'.

    First- Light to reach the Earth (source not specified)

    Second- Plant life

    Third- Animal Life

    Last- man. Formed from the ground. No 'immortal soul'.

    Not, as in religions of that time, a drop of blood from battling Gods becoming the first man.

    Not a fish becoming a monkey becoing a man...with female versions evolving at the same rate side by side...

  • LoveUniHateExams

    ^^^ ^^^

    Cofty - HEEELP!!!

  • the-Question
  • the-Question
  • Finkelstein

    They encouraged me to do research into the Background of the Bible

    And assuming they gave you their published literature to do an thorough academic examination.

    There's the catch, the JWS do not know the history of the bible

    or the various ancient mythologies or ancient sociological behavior.

    I don't want to belittle your conversion to a more wholesome lifestyle but it has to be realized that people have changed themselves without the intervention of religious beliefs.

  • Bugbear


    I don’t Think that anyone of us have the real true knowledge. We are all on a constant journey, using all our capacity to understand “the world”. Some of us don´t care much about “truth” or evil or God or “understanding”, most of us accept the context of which we are born in. I myself have spent my first 25 years as true atheist. Turned the next 15 years towards a JW. Was an elder, and graduately faded, started to study History of Ideas and Science and Philosophy…. I have read the Bible several times (of course as a JW, and elder) but the reading rose even more questions in my mind. Today I am again un absolutely convinced atheist…I admit that I haven´t read the Koran and all the Suras in there, but I think much of it is only plagiarism…from many of the Hebrew scriptures that were circling around when Mohammed went to war for creating his own Arab tribe religion. If you have the time, pls look up on youtube a professor in old Greek manuscripts namely Bart Ehrman… He has become my “latest” favorite of Schoolars,,,But I am not sure, maybe Jesus will revealed himself for me before I may rest from all the bookreadings..Since you avatar is named the Question, I think you could look up my new started tread “Question” on this site

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