What would you do or say?

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  • Butyoucanneverleave

    A brother who is not baptized ( so there's still hope for him ) had a sister recently run into him at a store. Show wanted to know if he's going to the Kingdom Hall. He said no. She asked him to write a letter for her to give to his mother ( who's deceased) in the paradise explaining why he didn't make it. He said he told her that the former things won't be called to mind, so she wouldn't remember him. She just looked at him and smiled and walked away. Very presumptuous on her part if you ask me.

  • Listener

    I would ask her if she could put what she said in writing. Or to make it easier on her, would she repeat what she just said so that I could record it.

  • Alive!

    Hateful thinking and I can imagine a certain type of JW saying this..... and being proud of themselves.

  • dubstepped

    I'd write two letters for her. F U

  • StarryNight9

    Wow....soooo rude and mean. It boggles the mind, yet I'm not surprised. She probably congratulated herself afterwards and shared her triumph with other JWs.

    I'd probably not have come up with anything on the spot like that. In hindsight... "my relationship with my other is a private matter" might work.

  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    I would have said "it's rather presumptuous of you to think you'll be there to give it to her".

  • zeb

    Hmm, here we have a new "class'.. the 18ct bitch class.

    Reminds me of one i saw at a kh who put down a little handicapped boy when he showed her some little toy he had in his pocket.... I thought you dont have kids ...yet.

  • Lostandfound
    I would say “your mother is dead? Just like the millions now living who would never die, All dead now”
  • pale.emperor

    I would have loved this opportunity. I'd write a letter explaining exactly why I'm not a Jehovah's Witness with printed out evidence of the UN letter, stocks in cigarette companies, Gerrit Losch's distancing from Watchtower etc etc.

    Coz you know they'd take a peek at a letter you'd written.

  • Biahi

    I would have said I'd rather be dead than live in a spiritual North Korea with a bunch of smug, self righteous assholes.

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