What Is Trump Doing with China now and his supporters that smell like a Walmart?

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  • Finkelstein

    People who think Tariffs are something that consumers pay isn't paying attention

    Since someone mentioned Walmart, most products sold in Walmart are made in China, so with imposed tariffs items sold in that store are going to cost more.

    The retailers aren't going to swallow the cost based from their set profit margins ,so they have to increase the end retail prices.

  • RubaDub

    I'm confused.

    If, as Trump has said repeatedly, that China is paying for the tariffs, then why would it affect the prices we pay?

    Wouldn't it stand to reason that if prices do or have risen, that China is NOT paying the tariffs?

    I don't see how Trump can have it both ways.

    Rub a Dub

  • LV101

    President Trump the first president to stand up to China in 50 years -- lots to think about! Even some hard-liner lefts are supporting him -- amazing!

  • pixel

    That's right Simon. If the left were so committed to the environment like they present to be, they should be backing for a manufacturing come back and away from China the polluter.

  • Simon
    The retailers aren't going to swallow the cost based from their set profit margins ,so they have to increase the end retail prices

    One thing I've noticed about people on the left is that they have a very simplistic view of things. Like "if A happens then it causes B".

    In reality these are complex systems and "A causes B" may be the immediate short-term effect but there are indirect consequences and the status-quo changes which is the intended goal.

    In this case, the cost of goods going up might lead to higher prices if companies didn't change where they purchase from - it might lead to certain things being economically unviable or less competitive. That means that it makes more sense to source things from a local supplier instead, so the customer never pays the tariff because the tariff is there precisely to put people off paying it.

    We don't want crap to be made in China with massive pollution and poor labor practices being transported massive distances. We should want things to be manufactured closer to home, to benefit our economies and the overall environment.

    Anyone who doesn't support Trump's approach to China doesn't care about the environment or human rights.

  • Finkelstein

    We should want things to be manufactured closer to home, to benefit our economies and the overall environment.

    Totally agree with that Simon but as long as products can be made that much cheaper abroad and those companies can operate without trade unions to support those workers, there is going to be this great cost to produce difference.

    Monetary values from one country to another plays an obvious role in this differential cost to produce.

    Hell even Apple builds most of their products over seas.

    Maybe Trump's tariffs might have some effect, at least these new tariffs can help pay down the US debt.

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    The best thing for the world is for China to be decimated economically.

    They don't play fair, they don't respect IP or international laws, currency markets, labor laws, basic freedoms and human rights, they pollute like crazy and they want to eat every endangered animal on the planet, torturing the ones that aren't endangered.

    Everything made in China can and should be made locally (apart from Fentanyl ... that shit doesn't need to be made and China shipping enough over to kill millions is an act of war). It would be better from a macro economic perspective and environmentally to have more manufacturing closer to consumers.

    Only people who hate the environment and ethics oppose what Trump is doing. Which means everyone on the left

    This is the real key observation.

    Prior to leaving the JWs I went back to university and completed my degree in economics (did this as an elder - had support at the district level [Cali - bay area everyone gets to go to uni with no repercussions - only the small congos outside the metro areas adhere to the no higher education rules] local small congo level, not so much but had a little extra $ and pretty much paid for the whole hall remodel myself I got a pass.) - but neither here nor there - In the years since I've gone on to complete my Masters and pretty much moved on but love how this board has evolved to include real life/world issues. Thank you Simon.

    The short game is all the left cares about - bail-outs galore. From GW to Obama. The pressure for cheap crap to fulfill the materialistic feelz the millennials crave. (Anybody else kinda disappointed the JWs let these spoiled brats take the JW mascot? I'm actually guessing the GB and other borg higher-ups like that the term "millennial" doesn't bring up their bat-shit crazy origins in a google search first page like it used to.)

    It's more than cheap crap though. It's everything Simon pointed out. It simply is not a fair playing field. The fact the US corporations put up with it and allow China to steal their tech is f'n crazy. The long game needs somebody like Trump - someone with the cajones to take a stand. This is why even capitalist purists like Kudlow can support it.

    But it's not just about protecting capitalism -it is about the western values that a supposed democratic society would want to support. The cognitive dissonance on the left is strong this time - On the one hand you have them unitedly supporting the Hong Kong rebellion (more like silently - not a lot of tweets from American left MSM/celebrities here), but in the same breath they hate Trump so much they support China's bullying their own country, just because their crazy candidate lost the election (who definitely would not have stood up to China).

    So thanks again Simon. Absolutely astute observation. And to anyone that is trying to blame Trump if their crap they buy at Walmart starts to go up, c'mon, you're smarter than that.

  • Crazyguy2

    Honestly if America is truly going to be great again it needs tariffs and also to crack down on illegal immigration. When the US was it’s strongest financially it had tariffs and low unemployment and because of this we had good paying jobs.

    You just can’t let big business ship the jobs overseas and expect the country not to suffer. Yeah people will argue that stuff is now cheaper but really is it worth it? Most people live pay check to pay check and have to use credit to buy most items that cost more then a couple hundred bucks and the items they buy are crap too.

    Im not sure if trump is doing it the right way and I’m no trump supporter but China keeps devaluing their dollar and making back room deals with other countries to cut out the useless US currency so Trump has to respond.

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