What Is Trump Doing with China now and his supporters that smell like a Walmart?

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  • RubaDub

    Isn't Trump shooting himself in the foot when he is on the verge of (or already in) a trade war with China? Isn't Walmart like 95% Chinese stuff?

    I don't get it. Won't there be a backlash when many of his supporters that want to upgrade to indoor plumbing see how much it costs with all the tariffs?

    I don't get it.

    Rub a Dub

  • peacefulpete

    Its all optics for his base. American industry and the larger economy would be crippled if we really cut off imports from low cost foreign manufacturers. In the end nothing meaningful will change, nor probably should it. The supposed trade deficit is not what people may think. Bottom line a trade deficit results from Americans spending more than they earn. If we feel that is a problem, we need to address that first. Then again,economists assert we actually have a political advantage resulting from the inter dependency of economies.

  • BottleGate_

    Before the income Tax America was funded by Tariffs .

  • frozen2018

    If there is going to be a war, I prefer a trade war over a shooting war.

    Front Line Trade War

    Image result for walmart

    Front Line Shooting War

    Image result for battlefield afghanistan

    Trade wars don't produce images like this one

    Image result for flag draped coffin

  • Finkelstein

    Cost of living index will go up and some people might remember why .

    Putting tariffs on import goods is really just a tax for American consumers to pay.

    Trump's economic idea is that making import goods cost more will drive companies to build their products in America instead.

    Labor for example is 1/10th the cost typically in those countries.

    Problem is the products made abroad like in China are much more cheaper to produce than if they were built in America and those over seas companies can sell their goods to other countries which dont have import tariffs, so they will most likely remain in operation.

  • frozen2018

    There is more to this dispute than labor costs. Do American firms have equal access to China's market? Many times, American firms wanting to set up shop in China have to give the Chinese government access to trade secrets. It's alleged that China manipulates its currency value. There is the issue of Chinese firms violating patents and producing counterfeit products. There is the issue of Chinese firms using non-authorized, toxic materials while producing products. The issues are numerous.

    Richard Nixon's biggest sin was not Watergate. It was reaching out to and opening China.

  • RubaDub

    I don't understand why Trump is holding back some of the tariffs until after Christmas.

    Since China is paying for the tariffs, why not have the additional tariffs go in immediately and maybe add another 10-20% on top of that and make the Chinese pay even more.

    It's great to have a country like China help pay down our national debt!

    Rub a Dub

  • hoser

    Trump has a legitimate 4 year contract to manage the US economy as he feels will bring the most benefit.

    If the voting public thinks he’s doing a great job he can get another four years.

    Trump is playing hardball but who knows, China might back down.

  • Simon

    The best thing for the world is for China to be decimated economically.

    They don't play fair, they don't respect IP or international laws, currency markets, labor laws, basic freedoms and human rights, they pollute like crazy and they want to eat every endangered animal on the planet, torturing the ones that aren't endangered.

    Everything made in China can and should be made locally (apart from Fentanyl ... that shit doesn't need to be made and China shipping enough over to kill millions is an act of war). It would be better from a macro economic perspective and environmentally to have more manufacturing closer to consumers.

    Only people who hate the environment and ethics oppose what Trump is doing. Which means everyone on the left.

  • Simon

    People who think Tariffs are something that consumers pay isn't paying attention. Tariffs are things that companies need to avoid - it rebalances the economic landscape, making a local producer more competitive than a Chinese state-subsidized one.

    That's before you even get to the risk of your supply chain being controlled by a foreign malicious power.

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