One reason behind the slow steady decline of JWs

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  • EdenOne

    We don't have a Governing Body anymore ... What we have is a GOVERNING CORPSE.

    Welcome back AllTimeJeff! While I was a lurker your posts were those that I always wanted to read first. Thank you for helping me to wake up.


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Good OP, AllTimeJeff.

    The WT does seem to be changing and moving in a particular direction. I started studying a few months before FWF died, and left in 2007, and the WTS has changed a lot since then.

    Your name does sound familiar, weren't you one of the examples of brothers leaving 'the truth' used in JWFact's website?

    Which of the current GB have you met? What were they like?

  • truthseeker100
    All empires fall! All it takes is time! It's an aboriginal Canadian teaching,that the watchtower bible and tract society should ruminate on! LOL
  • Atlantis

    Hi Jeff:

    You have a pm! Good hearing from you again! We send our best!



  • stuckinarut2

    Great thread!

    Very thought provoking!

  • Wonderment

    I can tell you why I left among other things:

    Excessive repetition: Back in the time of Knorr & Franz, the publications had more substance than they do at present, and the WT did not repeat as much as they do now.

    Since the voluntary-donations arrangement, most of their everything has gone for the worse. The have been repeatedly begging for money without admitting so.

    The internet has exposed their dubious doctrines and policies. And they have responded by harshly isolating the ones speaking the truth. The internet is doing them a lot of damage, and they don't seem to know how to deal with the threat.

    Reform is badly needed from headquarters level down to local congregations. Will they? Only time will tell us if they can come up with someone smart enough at the top level to help their cause. But they keep choosing low-educated members to lead them, which doesn't help one bit. What they don't need right now are leaders who suck up to their traditional ways. They have to find someone who can challenge their standard of doing things. They need someone strong-minded like the new CEO of T-Mobile who is changing the way internet providers service their customers. But don't bet your money on that happening.

  • Tenacious
    "They do read up on the Internet. Being a JW used to have real purpose and identity, now, more of the West goes to the KH the same way others go to church. Friends and family are there, and the rest is just window dressing."

    This is becoming true more and more everyday. God bless Tim Berners-Lee and MIT's J.R. Licklider.

  • LongHairGal


    Thanks for listing all these recent changes (for the worse) in the JW religion in one post. Really shocking when you think about it for these to have occurred in a relatively short time!

    Seeing them listed all in one place you cannot help but be struck by the fact that things are wrong in the Witness religion!! Even though a few of the changes are meaningless, others are not.

    I don't see that this could be perceived as good news by the average JW - unless they see it as meaning Armageddon is coming tomorrow!

  • steve2

    Welcome back Jeff.

    Liked your comments about Knorr. You're right!

    Knorr was the organization's first non-charismatic president but yes, he got things well and truly organized. He got those witnesses moving off their arses and into the streets.

    He also nurtured that oddball theocrat (autocrat more like it) Fred Franz.

    Man, what a repulsive couple!

  • Dunedain

    Many people are saying how the WTS is now in a slow decline, and reading all the rapid, and recent changes, how can you not. Personally, i beleive the WTS was in a slow decay for the past 2 decades, and NOW we are seeing the RAPID collapse of it.

    Things in a large corporation, dont go "south" quickly. It takes time, based on years of poor planning, and decision making. However, once they reach the point of "no return", things unravel at a quicker pace. We are, undoubtly, at this point NOW.

    The past 20 years, was the slow "rot". The poor planning, foolish "moves" on EVERY level. NO nurturing of the flock. Not knowing just where they "stand", in this modern world, as they NEVER planned on being here for over 100 years. There has been no true leader, since Franz's death. The torch was passed, and dropped quickly, and in such a short period of time, and then to finally "land" on the current GB, shows that there is NOBODY to lead.

    The foundation is crumbling, and it is at its final stage. The proof is in all the rapid, erratic, and many changes, in such a short period of time. This shows the DESPERATION in their actions. The final nail in the coffin is their financial problems. Throw that on top of an already collapsing organisation, with a weakened foundation, and it is just too much for them to bear any longer. We ARE at this stage NOW.

    This organisation, with its claims of DIVINITY, was built on lies. That "foundation" alone, is weak. It is now over 100 years later. The lies have come full circle. The world can see it, from the touch of a computers buttons. It is, utterly, and completely exposed. This weak founded organisation has never prepared for being around for this long. It does not know how to navigate the current "world" we live in, and its "backwoods" old world rhetoric, is from a long by gone age. There is no leadership, only desperation. The decay has been for the last few decades, now we are witnessing the destruction.

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