One reason behind the slow steady decline of JWs

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  • sir82

    My concern isn't that JWs are crumbling. It's the group that will replace them that concerns me.

    ^ this.

    And, what disgruntled JWs would do, once they realize they've been cheated out of 10 or 20 or 70 years.

  • garyneal

    ^ Yes, I second the previous posts.

    Good to see you again ATJ. I don't usually get on here much anymore and have largely moved on so it was nice to see your post again.

  • Mary J Blige
    Mary J Blige
    Magnum! Please add to your list the wonderment that has been war on pedophiles amongst the JW org - particularly those in positions of authority. Who could forget the Australian Royal Commission, the numerous cases through Europe and U.S, and Candice Conti. That's another mark of bat shit crazy true religion right? Kiddie fiddlers don't exist amongst JWs! FAIL! And most lately the decree to destroy all records held by the BOE doubtless in an attempt to dodge Court evidence (official line being privacy act related of course). Definitely helped me to see the wood for the trees!
  • Vidiot

    Don't regimes on the cusp of collapse often display a tendency towards mass shredding of internal documents?

  • BluesBrother

    Good to hear from you AT Jeff...As you say:

    Knorr. He was the factory overseer, and learned through many years how to get work done through other people,...................When I read of the continual, face palm worthy moments of the current GB, (and having met most of them) I am reminded of the fact that most never got their hands dirty in real work.

    Perhaps that is why they had to say this a while back.

    In doing the math we have found that the amount of money flowing out will be much greater than the money flowing in at the present time." ......Stephen Lett
  • careful
    Thanks ATJ for the post and thoughts. I remember your many worthwhile observations in the past. Your experience and insights are appreciated. Drop by with more any time!
  • lrkr

    Hey Jeff,

    God to "see" you back.

    Another thing knorr and Franz had that the current crop dont- only 50 years since 1914! I think the march of time has made the "end is coming any day now" plea become very tired.

    I also think that the video system is seriously backfiring. It used to be that only Bethelites got a front row view of what doddering, pedantic, sexist, confused folks the GB were. We all had stories about our favorite out of touch GB rant at morning worship. And yet they still had some mystique.

    Now, the non-mysterious, foolish looking GB are on display for the whole world to see.

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