My nasty B*tch of a Sister

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    <meee thinks I'm glad I don't have a sis>


  • nightwarrior


    Mattnoel - let me at her!!!!!!!!!!!!! (oh and Naomi aswell), we'll sort the bbbbbb ttttcccchhhh out.

    I hate people like her... but I am sorry that you are going through this.

    All I know is that I hope that you 'nice' sis does really well on Pop Idol (let us know when), and shows your skanky sister up for what she really is - a real jealous green eyed monster b*tch.

    Sorry for the outburst, but you are lovely, how dare she upset you.

    Speak to you soon

    Mrs NW

  • Xena

    I feel for ya matty...I have a nasty b*tch of a sister myself...

    Kill them with kindness that's what I irritates the hell out of them

  • mattnoel

    He he, thought you would be there Mrs ! It sounds awfull to say this but I hate her ! I think Naomi alone would be enough to take the girl down ! lol

    Xena, sorry you have to put up with it to - oh well, at least I have made some on line sisters - some consolation I suppose !

  • Aztec

    Awwwww Xena and Matt...Whilst it isn't a sister of mine who treats me like that I do have family who do. As Xena said I try and kill them with kindness. What else can you do? ~Aztec

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