My nasty B*tch of a Sister

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  • mattnoel

    GRRRRRR need to vent !

    Ok of my two step sisters the one who was punched in the mouth for not going to the meeting and left the "truth" me and her get on so well and I love her to bits. The other one is a JW and a nasty b*tch, she lives with her non jw mum in preperation for moving to Los Angeles in September.

    Non Jw sister called me the other day to say that she has an audition for Pop Idol and she has produced a song to be sent to record companies, I am proud of her and know someone at a record company so I am going to e mail the song to her, but needed to call Sisters Mum to ask her to e mail it to me, we get on well so no probs there, when I called JW Sis answers the phone, not recognising my voice passes me on to her Mother, we have a little chat and she says "Its Matt on the phone, you wanna speak to him" answer a big firm "NO", this girl has only ever sponged off me, last time she spoke to me was to ask me for money, when I said no that was it, no more contact !

    Non JW sis calls me today and says, Mum just called me and said that JW Sis turned really nasty that night, stayed on the computer so she couldnt e mail and then moved all the furniture around, her Mum says she feels like a prisoner in her own home and its not fair how that fact that she likes me but feels that she is not allowed to speak to me. she is not a JW, what a fine and loving example my sister is setting for her. I dont care that Sis dont wanna speak to me but what a COW !!!! I feel like writing her a letter !!!

    She has also been apparantly quite nasty that Non JW sis is doing so well with her singing and refused to even look at the CD cover ! you know we used to be so close but I HATE the girl now !!! I am so angry but there is nothing you can do, you cant tell them that they are freaks because they walk away with a smile on their face muttering "You wont be saying that when Armageddon comes !!!"

  • Scully

    Sirona had a similar complaint about her Mum this morning. I'm going to tell you what I said to her.

    These JWs need to be THANKED PROFUSELY for their displays of "love" that help you recognize those who are Jesus' true disciples. Nothing makes a JW feel more ashamed than knowing that you've just slapped them in the face with that scripture. (John 13:35)

    Love, Scully

  • freedom96

    Sorry to hear you have to go through that.

    Another example of fine "brotherly love" that the WTS claims to have.

    There are many "evil" people involved in the organization. To suggest that the WTS is so pure is pure ignorance.

  • be wise
    be wise


    Just be glad you got out, Mattnoel, and your sister, what a result! She's obviously getting on with her life and enjoying it which makes your other sister jealous. Sometimes there's nothing you can do for these people and it can be so frustrating, I know this myself, especially when it's our own family.

    Oh well, hope all the best for your sisters success with her Pop Idol audition.

    How did she get a demo together by the way, what kind of demo's do they ask for? What kind of quality? Just interested, I study music at college.

    be wise.

  • mustang

    Since Hallmark doesn’t make a greeting card in the fashion that Scully mentioned, you are stuck with making your own. But take cheer, nothing could express your true feelings any better.


  • JamesThomas

    It's really quite sad how prolonged exposure to the Borg often seems to destroy a persons ability to love. But I guess one can't expect much more considering the repugnant idea of God that they admire and worship. Matt, is your good sister signed up with CD Baby? JamesT

  • rocketman

    *The Bitch Is Back plays through my head as I read*

  • Mary

    Why the hell is your Non-JW mom listening to your rotten "Christian" sister?!! Your mom should put her foot down and tell your sister to piss off and mind her own business or she can move out.......she's obviously very jealous that your Non-JW sister is doing so well, while she sounds like a total loser who simply sponges off your mom.

    If I were you, I'd get on the phone with her and blast her good!!

  • Ghost of Esmeralda
    Ghost of Esmeralda

    ((((((((((((((((Mattnoel)))))))))))))))) I'm so sorry. I have had lots, lots of awful interactions (before she started totally shunning me!) with my oldest sister...I'm so sad you and your sweet sis have to go through dealing with this crud.

    As Scully said, it's in one way a mercy that they behave this way, if not for that, who knows, maybe we'd have gone back into the Borg.

    Big hugs, to both of you...wish her best of luck with her music!


  • mattnoel

    Thanks everyone for your messages - as always you make me feel much better!

    Love the quote with the scripture Scully, I am now tempted to write a letter and quote that - nice one thanks

    and essie, same boat eh ? sorry mate hugs back to you too, it hurts like a kick in the gut though all the same.

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