What was the "Pecking order" in your congro??

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    You see, that's one thing which always bothered me. There is so much favouritism and nepotism its almost nauseating.
  • prologos
    these things should be the reason of the wt collapse, but is not. so the top is the same. condoning it, using it thriving on it.
  • blondie

    Top dogs got there because others allowed them to be such. I kissed no butts or feet. I grew up in a family where dad was not a jw.....not much lower than that. Then my brothers, uncle, cousins, grew up and "advanced". and acted as a buffer. As my husband advanced to elder, I still was no butt kisser. He was told by the PO to keep an eye on his wife because of that, I did not provoke or fight with them just did not kiss their butts.

    Also if elders wives rule the roost in the congregation, the husbands are responsible for that as far as I am concerned and everyone else that does not stand up to them, politely. I had 2 elders wives that went out on Wednesdays and they were the only ones for me to go out with...they would not talk to me at all in the car...I was invisible. They had played this game on other sisters before I came. So I just went out by myself, my own territory and took various sisters with me one day at a time. I not only broke up their tyranny over me but over these sisters.

  • Tenacious

    Oh this one is easy.

    1. Ultimate Ass**le

    2. Gigantic Ass**le

    3. Normal Ass**le

    4. Dumb Sh**

    5. Jerk

  • Diogenesister

    Love that story Blondie...good for you!


  • Clambake

    My wife cong seems to be the less successful at a life you are, the further you move up the ladder.

    I swear the Ubers don't make 10000 a year. Mind you it isn't just about money. I swear they haven't even read a national geographic much less have taken a university class.

    No sports, music, current events, no favorite author, no history debate, no movies , no interest in technology. I have never meet people of so little substance.

  • DarioKehl
    God damn, I hate this f*cking cult
  • finallysomepride
    Hey Karter
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    What gets me is that these big pioneers etc, claim they have so little money, work so little. Yet we always here of them going to such far away lands, often.
  • clarity

    As Freddo said, the Co was a great guy, if he & his family were not I would not have been interested either.

    This was before the body of elders thing happened about the mid 1970's. After that things really changed ..... position & money became the important thing. There were the unspoken levels of groups in the congregation. The "friends" started having only people on their A list as friends ......& maybe some B list people. This list got right to the bottom where only the bits & pieces & undesirables were placed ......their lives were hell!

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