How to Irritate JWs: The Catholic Way

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I am a Christian and take no offence. Some people just don't understand the value of satire, sorry brother Mann, no offence, seriously! 🙋

  • LostGeneration

    So John Mann why is it not allowable to use humor when speaking about the Catholic church?

    After all, if you have it right, and we have it wrong, we will all be taken care of in time. Sent to a burning place of torment forever and ever for our failure to see the righteous and just ways of the Catholic Church, correct?

  • Listener

    The opening post is funny and has the added benefit of working on both JWs and Catholics😉.

  • Fisherman

    Never seen a JW become irritated because of Babylonianism. Imagine praying to the virgin Mary or mother Theresa or even some of the saints that the Pope debunked or removed many years ago or some statue or cross in a church. The Bible states that Jesus was resurrected to heaven but as far as all of these so called saints and virgins...who knows??? Maybe they ain't saints and maybe they have not been resurrected yet or maybe they are frauds.

  • Hernandez


    While no offense was meant, you must realize that what one Catholic may view as inappropriate, other Catholics may find genuinely humorous and healthy.

    St. Theresa of Avila, the Spanish mystic nun and Catholic reformer, you may recall, was often viewed as using inappropriate humor during her lifetime. While never one to be lax in rules, St. Theresa noted that the nuns in her order were somewhat "stuffy" when it came to their recreation.

    In an attempt to make a statement about this, one day during her religious order's regular recreation period, the saintly nun took a pair of castanets, jumped upon a table, and danced around before the other nuns, some of whom were delighted, some of whom were appalled. After the dance, she sat down, looked at one of the disapproving nuns and said: "Sometimes you just have to."

    On another occasion, St. Theresa was traveling a great distance by donkey, no less, when she had a mystical experience during which she claims Jesus began to speak to her. The subject was about discipleship, and Jesus told her that those who desired to be his friends should expect to see suffering on their journey.

    At that exact moment, the donkey bucked and tossed St. Theresa quite unceremoniously into a caliche covered ditch. The nun stood up, dusted herself off, and told Jesus in reply: "If this is how you treat your friends, it's no wonder you have so few!"

    These aren't made up jokes but actual experiences from a saint who appreciated humor and even used it when speaking to fellow Catholics and the Lord himself. What one finds distasteful humor from another may actually be the words of a saint. Don't be so to quick to judge or so humorless that you can't appreciate an occasional dance on a table.


    I think there's a lot of potential for humor when catholics and jws [educated in their faith] debate. Know your faith and do battle.

    If both know their faiths, there will be fireworks.

    Admittedly, though, JWs will lose their debates because truthful history is not on their side...sorry

  • Heartsafire


    Hilarious post! Wish I would've gotten you at the door when I was doing fs. I think I would've laughed or at least struggled to keep a straight face. Nothing against Catholics here. Still not as whacky as JW's. Haha!


  • Heartsafire

    Sorry I meant to address the last post to Hernandez


    There's a show called 'The Journey Home' on EWTN where catholics tell their tale of conversion.

    There was a former JW who said that if you want to stump an JW at your door, simple ask them

    "Why do you go door to door with a Catholic book?"

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