It's my birthday, born May 3, 1956.

by Sadie5 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • blondie

    Happy Birthday, Sadie5. It is wonderful when we put aside our own concerns to bring happiness to others.


  • Robdar


    Happy birthday, fellow Taurus. Mine was last Wednesday, 04/30. I hope you have a great day!



  • Nikita

    Happy Birthday Sadie!!


  • Sadie5

    Thanks everyone for the birthday greetings. It's been an enjoyable day.

    The children's home that we visited today is run by the Baptists. Seeing what others are doing really drove home the point that JWs miss the meaning of taking care of orphans and widows.

    They had several cottage buildings on several acres where children and teens lived. gave it a more home like atmosphere than a large institution type building. Some cottages were for specific problems like teen pregnancy and drug recovery for teens.

    Been a long day, thanks again for the greetings.


  • mattnoel

    Happy Birthday !!!!

  • acsot


    WHAT A WONDERFUL WAY TO CELEBRATE YOUR SPECIAL DAY! If JWs could only glimpse what they're missing, and not because of God's dictates, but a bunch of grumpy old men in Brooklyn, maybe some of them would be able to crawl out from under the burdens they're being made to carry.

    It's great that you're out and celebrating in such a loving way!

    Have some chocolate on me!

  • lollydawdle

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SADIE! Enjoy celebrating life!!!

    Just celebrated my first one (Apr. 30) since leaving the Borg! I tried to post a message to thank everyone for all your good wishes, but it wouldn't post. I tried again, still wouldn't post. So to all those who wished me a Happy First Birthday - THANK YOU! I really appreciated your good wishes!!!!!

  • outnfree

    Happy Belated Birthday, sweetie!

    Hey, everyone, look at how sadie's birthday wasn't just a day of personal glory! Her kids extended themselves and had the joy of Mom's gratitude and pleasure. Sadie and hubby spent time with friends and extended themselves to making others feel special, too. I'm sure the orphans appreciated the attention, but also quite sure that the orphanage administrators felt a glow that sadie and her friends cared enough to support them in their important work.

    See how the love can spread if nobody tells us we and our actions are unimportant?

    Thanks for sharing, sadie. You lifted my spirits as well.


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