Assembly Food

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  • LDH

    More2C, I grew up in Upstate NY as well. Have been to the War Memorial in Utica, Syracuse and Rotten-chester more times than I care to count.

    Now, who wants potato chips or Fritos with that meal?

    • Hoagies. YUMMMMM....The hoagies and burritoes stayed in your stomach for HOURS.
    • warm fruit bags (another YUMMY)

    and who remembers left over cases of shit that went to the highest bidder! LOL! You had shit for days.

    Oh, and the leftover food wasn't all that was sold to the highest bidder. Who remembers the mad rush to the stage to get the Spiritual Plants, LOL.


    I'll take a case of chips for $5 Class

  • Farkel

    Generally speaking, I don't remember the food being that bad at all. Even if it was, it was an incredible bargain at the prices charged by the society. They received a lot of donated food and of course, all the food workers didn't cost the society a dime, so they could afford to sell it cheap and still make a hefty profit. One thing though, there was always that ubiquitous Jello jiggling around on the trays. About the only excitement to be had at the assembly was to speculate on what color Jello would be served at the next meal!

    Personally speaking, my favorite part about all the assemblies I attended was always the closing prayer on Sunday!


  • BadJerry

    LOL to Gumby !!

    We were in a few years before they quite doing the lunch thing. My sons did like the BBQ's. I can't remember anything that ever looked good.

    from IMANALIENTO logging on to hubbys ID

  • ikhandi

    I hated those wannabe SPRITE lemon limed shasta sodas.

    Those Cheese Danishes were always the bomb! Remember when you had to pay with those silly tickets? My mom would always end up giving the ones we didn't use to some children she didn't know. Couldn't waste a thing in that org! I also remember when they used to serve hot food. Sometimes it was decent, other times it was gross.

  • Soledad

    ugggg the bad memories.....when I was little it was the hot food, chicken and rice, always. breakfast was usually grilled cheese sandwiches or pancakes. then those awful sandwiches. had to get out of bed at 2am once to make what seemed like 20,000 turkey sandwiches. the only thing I ever looked forward to was the cheese danish and the swiss miss. I nearly got smacked by my mom when I was 17 years old for suggesting we go to the mcdonald's across the street from the stadium.

    speaking of assemblies how about those venues? Monroe NY? Yankee stadium? Nassau colisseum? They all sucked!!!

  • Azalo

    My earliest memories of WT assemblies are of the food and the dramas. I really liked the food when I was little, the breaded chicken sandwiches and the burritos were my fav. I remember one time at a circuit assembly they had mcdonalds food. And a couple of times we had really good puerto rican food, like a giant potluck or something. In the Spanish district/circuit where I was they didnt make too big of a deal about people leaving for lunch. I do remember the tickets, my mom would give me a book of 10$ for the three days. I dodnt know if this happened everywhere but at our assemblies people would start forming a line even before the session ended. funny memories.

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    I can recall some delicious meals from times at assemblies/conventions.....well, not actually at them.... but nearby. The district conventions in my locality were held at a football stadium in Brisbane located near a suburb which has a reputation for fine dining restaurants & cafes. So, over the years my wife and I were able to sample meals from many of them. Association at meal times? Bugger that - we much preferred a decent feed. Assembly food was more gross than airline or hospital food.

    cheeses - who likes to be fed at the proper time.

  • bittersweet

    mmmmmmm........cheese danishes.....I miss those they were yummy. When they stopped serving those, I stopped going. lol

  • obiwan

    I remember when I was very young they actually made breakfast, eggs,bacon,cereal the works, it was pretty good the only down side was you had to stand and the tables were all tall enough for the adults,when your five you can forget seeing your food. I do remember the imitation egg mcmuffin's boy those were yummy, that and a cheese danish, mmm danish.

  • joenobody

    I vaguely recall the hot meals at circuit assemblies, but those were done away with in the early 80s from what I can remember.

    In Canada, we had the worst drink known to mankind: Cott Cola. The Society must've got a great deal on this stuff. Imagine sucking back a warm, burning cola in the hot as Hades stadiums. This stuff was so acidic, it was undrinkable even when cold. Sweating away, drinking a Cott cola at lunch was a sure recipe for incredible illness in the late afternoon listening to the droning.

    The puddings were a fave amongst kids, especially when they were still frozen. The puddings got cheap over time and had these little indentations in the bottom of the cup making it look bigger than it actually was.

    I too remember that it was a sin that some ate offsite and were not "supporting Jehvovah's bank acct... err... arrangement." I couldn't believe at the time that attendants were on the lookout for homeless trying to nab a free meal. No shirt, no badge, no service! Drink life's water free, but hands off our damn sandwiches!

    I loved looking forward to work in the food department. I got to start the sessions late and leave the sessions early to do my job. It was great getting out of it!

    Over time, I would simply leave the assembly early. I remember running into an elder I seriously disliked in the parking lot. He asked me where I was going... I replied with a smile and said "where are you coming from?"

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