Book Review: The Watchtower Society, Organizational Misbehavior

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  • freddo
    So this Gabriel fella ... is he a bit of an angel?
  • Magnum

    A brilliant Bible scholar and ancient language scholar, Gabriel H Ibarra holds supremacy, an excellency worthy of respect.

    And how would you know that, johnny depp? What are your qualifications? You would have to be an expert in ancient languages to be qualified to make such an assertion. Are you? You remind me of my mother. She is clueless. She can't do simple arithmetic, doesn't know what a molecule is, doesn't know the difference between a verb and an adverb, etc., but often I hear saying something like "He's so smart." I then say "How would you know whether he's smart? You don't have the qualifications to make such a judgement."

    You could have made your OP sound a little more real. It reads like a low-class sales pitch - like an attempt by a naive junior high student to sell something. I really like book recommendations, but yours is nonsense; go somewhere else with it. Don't waste my time.

    By the way, are you Gabriel H Ibarra?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    The book is for real and for sale on the internet. No hoax.
  • Magnum

    The book is for real, but the OP is an obvious attempt to sell the book. johnny depp doesn't care about us; he's wanting us to buy the book. His "book review" is so over-the-top in favor of the book and gushing over the author that it (the review) is a joke. It makes me think that there must not be too much to the book if johnny depp has to gush over it as he did. And, as I've already indicated in my post above, who is johnny depp that he qualifies to review the book the way he claims to have?

    I’ll put Gabriel H Ibarra against any scholar with a thousand doctorates any time. Now I understand why Mr. Ibarra was nicknamed Jehovah’s Word, because he commands the Bible and ancient languages like no other, Gabriel H Ibarra “has no equal.” Clearly, this man’s supergenius is the product of holy spirit, since it can’t be explained in human terms.

    Oh, thank you, Mr. depp, I'll buy the book immediately. Coming from an eminent scholar and expert like you, this review whets my apettite for the book. I know it must greatly please Mr. Ibarra to get this praise from someone like you.

    Dude, for real, your "review" is so over the top it makes me question your IQ. Is it really meant to be taken seriously?

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters
    Bah. Blowhard.

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