Due to Covid-19 a coming Global Government, the Beast of Revelation 13

by Kosonen 34 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • satinka


    I see you are very knowledgeable on the issue. Please itemize the science flaws that makes "that guy" (which guy?) a charlatan. Please enlighten me, because I'm no expert. My tinfoil hat still sits proudly atop my head. I'm counting on your wisdom.

    Much appreciated.

  • BlackPuddingEater

    I can't be bothered to watch the video but why is that Romanesco broccoli there?

  • atomant

    Covid19 Certificate of vaccine ID. CORONA C 3 O 15 R 18 O15 N14 A 1 equals 66 plus the 6 letters equals 666. Remember resident evil and the C virus it all started in raccoon city. Raccoon is an anagram of corona minus a C. just sayin.. Time to get right with your creator people.

  • satinka


    Please do your own research, if you're an exjw. Spoon-feeding days are over.


  • smiddy3

    To Whom it may concern :

    Its the lazy brain that doesn`t do their own research and rely`s on others to do that for them.Then that person just goes along with what or which "other" makes them "feel" good .

    This is a tactic that the WT/JW`s have employed for decades and keeps the rank and file under control.

    Haven`t they themselves said, " you don`t need to spend hours and hours doing your own research ? we have already done that for you " ?

    Or words to that effect .

    And that keeps them in control / control / control of their members.

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