Because it's possible

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  • Gorb

    In Holland we say "not because it is requierd, but because it's possible. Before we shaved, and now we let it grow. Just because it's possible". Pinky ring, too!

    Yes, we can! 🤣🤣🤣


  • Vidiot

    I thought Sanderson and Jackson actually looked pretty decent with a beard.

    This guy, though? Not so much.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    He should quit while he's ahead & shave it off.

  • blondie

    Are they posting the GB pics with beards so some jws get the point it is "okay" to do?

  • FragrantAddendum

    wt probably sold their stock in some shaving supplies company

    and bought stock in some snake oil beard-make-it-grow company🤣😜

  • Balaamsass2

    What is with GB 3.0's affinity for "Pinky Rings" and expensive watches? "The showy display"?


    The Meaning Behind a Pinky Ring

    Pinky rings are associated with wealth, status, and power. They were traditionally only worn by men of high stature in the middle to upper classes and aristocracy. But they have also symbolized other characteristics throughout history, from sexual and marital status to professional and criminal associations.

    Sexual status

    When homosexuality was illegal, men could be imprisoned for having a same-sex relationship. Pinky rings were used to identify yourself to potential partners without alerting the authorities.

    Today, pinky rings are more closely associated with self-love, sexual independence, and freedom from the confines of conventional relationships.

    Organized crime

    Members of the Mafia often wore pinky rings. Urban legend suggests that the ostentatious rings, set with huge gems, were a life insurance policy. If the wearer got whacked, the ring could be pawned or sold by the family to pay for the funeral.

    Secret communication

    Fingers are often assigned meaning, and the pinky finger used to be associated with Mercury, the Roman god of messages, translators, and interpreters. Wearing a pinky ring was often used by secret societies to communicate membership to a specific chapter.

    Mercury is also the god of wealth, commerce, and good fortune. So, people would sometimes wear pinky rings as a talisman or luck symbol. "

  • Balaamsass2

    The outward appearance of GB1.2 /GB2.0 vs GB 3.0 is dramatic.

    I used to see GB Fredy Franz most days. He was no fashion leader. Mis-matched flannel shirts and ties were common. I had been to his spartan room a few times. He frequently helped clean and sweep after conventions. Compare his photo to any of GB 3.0s.

  • FragrantAddendum

    the brotherhood has many variations

    some wear rings, some don't

  • FragrantAddendum

    the main thing is silence

    wear a ring, don't wear a ring

    wear a beard, don't wear a beard

    just keep your mouth shut

    that's the main thing

    if you don't keep your mouth shut, there are consequences

    disfellowshipping is a masonic practice

  • FragrantAddendum

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