Growing a beard

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  • scratchme1010
    Any suggestions or advice on how to grow a beard would be much appreciated!

    Yes, I have suggestion. Beards grow on their own. All you have to do is groom it.

  • humbled

    If your skin gets funky, itchy, flakey like it does for some guys( three guys l know had that trouble) buy pine tar soap and shampoo your beard with it.

    Maybe sounds weird but it is not an uncommon problem and pine tar soap is a fine old remedy. Check it out on line.

    Good luck, fella!

  • freemindfade

    Beard oil is a life saver. Get a good beard shampoo and a good conditioner. Condition every day when you shower but don't shampoo everyday. Do that every couple days. When you are out of the shower blow dry it then put some beard oil in.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I can second the motion that you moisturize your beard while it's growing out. I know some might think it's not important, and maybe different people react differently, but speaking for myself here's why:

    It isn't normal to shave. It isn't normal to grow a beard from scratch as a full grown man. For some, when the beard is still short, like in the 1 to 3 week range, the small hard hairs can reach back and poke your skin causing inflammation or sometimes even infection. This can persist even after the beard is of good length and be uncomfortable or painful. That's why it's good to keep the hair soft while it's in that crucial scruff-to-real-beard stage. Then you should be good to go with normal upkeep/grooming.

    Happy bearding!

  • steve2

    The only problem with pine tar soap - whether liquid or bar - is the strong antiseptic smell - off-putting for some, both users and smellers alike.

  • Gorbatchov

    Gorby has a beard too. With all these beards, we can imaging Stephen Lett's stumbling points 😁


  • punkofnice

    Here's an idea from your old friends...

    Image result for watchtower nebuchadnezzar

  • Phizzy

    Similar to Stan Livedeath , I grew a beard in the 70's and was told by one guy " You look like a rat looking through straw", and by another guy " Just 'coz you got hair round your mouth you don't have to talk like a c**t".

    So be prepared for the odd piss-take, though beards are much more common now than then, I was especially unusual in the JW world.

    I have a beard now, which over the winter has grown to rather amazing proportions, one of my little grandkids said " You've got a beard like father Christmas !".

    Good luck, hope it grows to your liking, not having to shave is another freedom we XJW's have, even the XSisters !

  • Da.Furious

    First of all don’t try to trim for the first month at least. Let it grow. If you want to trim, just use a higher number comb and reduce gradually - remember hair grows. The problem if you trim more than required you may make a mistake and end up shaving it all together.

    As others pointed out, Beard Oil is a must, don’t shampoo the beard at all, just wash it with water, and maintain it with a beard brush.

    I started on my beard since summer last year and never regret it. Takes a while to get the correct style and howto trim but it is worth it. That’s how we were intended to be.

    NB: Still go to meetings with full beard, and not a single negative comment mentioned in front of me. Still get the odd looks for old timers.

  • punkofnice

    when I was a jobot I grew a beard. No one told me to shave it off but I got passive aggressive comments based on the cult mind set. 'Oh, it doesn't suit you.' 'You can't read the watchtower when you have a beard.' You know, all the cult tribal brainwashed stupidity.

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