A Theme For The Barbie?

by Englishman 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Englishman

    I was just wondering if it would be fun to have a theme at my barbie this year. You know, something like the Texas "Out of the cult and into the kilt" sort of thing.

    Maybe a German beer keller theme or a football shirt theme, whatever?

    What do you reckon?

    Numbers so far are around 30, we can handle about double that, so if you want to come please sing out loud!

    Just to repeat: Anyone from this site is welcome, absolutely no question of that. If you want to come, then don't feel unwelcome. You are welcome. Really!

    Mike / Englishman.

  • Simon

    I vote for "topless"

  • Joyzabel

    @ Simon!

    Hey, does Angharad know you post on this board????

    Good idea Englishman. Sorry, but I don't have any ideas at the moment.


  • Mary

    Now Simon, why on earth would you want a topless Barbie, when you could have a "Pioneer Barbie"?!! That's right, she can just wear a skirt down to her ankles, some good walking shoes, a fashionable service case, a hunched back and she's off!! Stick some magazines in her hand, put her out front and watch those hours just fly by!!!

  • Angharad

    Great idea Eman - but I cant think of anything at the moment!

    SIMON !!!!

  • Simon

    LOL @ Pioneer-wear

    How about a theme of ...



    ... beer !

    I dunno ... I'm hopeless at ideas (as you may have noticed).

    BTW: The topless thing was a joke - I don't want to put anyone off coming !!

  • Simon
    Maybe a German beer keller theme

    Oh no ... now I have an image of Englishman in Lederhossen !

    Hey, could be worse ... could be orange shorts


    To the wonderful xjw women of the UK at the upcoming Barbie.


    I think this is refering to the MEN, isn't it?

    Nothing to fear.....hand me the salad, please...thanks!

  • qwerty

    What about a Nude barbie?!

    Would give the words......."pass me a sausage" a new meaning!


  • jst2laws
    What about a Nude barbie?!


    Now look what you have started Simon. Who moderates this board, anyway?

    How about having some fun with the WT and call it something like

    Divine Survivors International Convention

    Sacred Shunned District Convention, UK

    The Holy Cow UK BarbieQ

    Come on y'all. You can come up with something?


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