Nobody at work knows what JWs believe

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  • TerryWalstrom

    In Pastor Russell's era, the loosely federated ecclesias who shared Russell's religious assertions were all about readying themselves as "Brides" and thus, the work was character building and promotion of END TIMES signaling.

    Under Judge Rutherford, the federation of ecclesias became unified under a monolithic and tyrannical monarchy disguised as Theocracy.

    The work consisted--NOT of preaching salvation--but of exonerating the brand name JEHOVAH and racking up Supreme Court wins as defenders of Free Speech and the Free practice of conscience. Rutherford, of course, would never allow a person of conscience within 5 miles of his throne.

    Next, under Nathan Homer Knorr and his oracle, Fred Franz, the work was about organizing into a Corporate replica of normal religion and pumping up the volume on statistical conquests, placements, hours spent witnessing, attendance at Memorials, languages translated, etc.
    After Knorr died, post apocalyptic 1975 ass-reaming--the Org turned into a nasty Inquisition-minded litmus test for Puritanical slavery, compliance, and mindless worship of the Golden Calf of JW.ORG.

    Whatever they "used to be" is no more. It is only an after-image and not a reality.
    The organization is a lean, mean litigious machine squeezing its assets for cash and placing its jackboots on the necks of every member as they choke out their oaths of Loyalty and "Sir, Yes sir--may I please have another?"

    The Legal problems won't pull down the Tower, but one thing might.
    The escape of all their young people.
    The only patch they can sew on that torn garment is "child baptism."

  • Darkknight757

    It's all a test of their loyalty to the organization. Most witnesses can't keep up with all the changes unless they are constantly plugged in. I recon even those who are plugged in wouldnt know that earthly hopers don't believe Jesus is their personal mediator.

    With all the changes since 2013 I was really surprised how little I knew about my own beliefs until I left.

  • NewYork44M

    There is a reason why the "preaching work" is so ineffective. The effectiveness was never the goal. The goal is to keep the R&F busy. Selling magazines used to be the goal, but no more. They are trying to keep people busy for the least cost possible.

  • Lieu

    No one at work ... No one in a Kingdom Hall either.

    What people have said always begins with a negative:

    No holidays

    No flag salute

    No blood

    No military service

    No charity

    "No" this or "no" that. The religious sect of the "no". Other than that people don't know or tend to care.


    The WTS teaches the rank and file JWs that they are going door to door restoring God's true name.

    They believe these are their fruits.

    I believe the WTS promotes the rank and file JWs to WORK going door to door and that work produces no fruits what so ever.

  • Lieu
  • Xanthippe

    Cool, I got two dislikes. Probably from JW apologists. Do you think the JWs believe everyone will be saved and not just you? It's always a good idea to know what your own religion teaches.

  • smiddy

    Many years ago their was a couple of articles in the watchtower , I believe , about an organization built on a chief cornerstone , a foundation stone ,and it attacked the Roman Catholic Church as not having been built on a chief cornerstone. ( maybe around the 1960`s ? )

    And it concluded somewhat that if it was not built on a chief cornerstone , a foundation stone it would collapse.

    Has the " International Bible Students Association" /"Jehovah`s Witnesses" / the " WTB&TS " been built on a firm foundation ? a Chief Cornerstone ? Charles Taze Russell ? and the International Bible Students Association ?

    Does the Governing Body today even believe anything C.T.Russell believed and taught in his lifetime ?

    I dont think so.And remember he was prolific in his sermons and material he distributed in the western world.

    They try to dis-associate themselves from their past , and when they do acknowledge something they put a new spin on it , not admitting their past mistakes ,giving it a new interpretation , hiding the original intent.

    What other organization is ashamed / embarrassed / wants to hide their early beginnings from the truth.?

    How many Jehovah`s Witnesses know, or even want to know about their origins ? NONE

    Their excuse ? that`s old light !, what they are really saying is , it is all based on falsehood., it was not true.

    Is GOD a GOD of order or disorder ? Does he give false information first , then more mis-information , year ,after year ? to what is now over 100 years ? and still the ultimate truth is not forthcoming ?

    And where is Jesus Christ in all of this , isn`t he the King of Kings ? The High priest ? yet after 100 years I have yet to see what he has accomplished that another religion cant claim as the same thing that has happened in their religion.

    Let`s face it Jehovah`s Witnesses don`t know what they believe.


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