Does this sound like a man who is inspired by God?

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  • Bobcat

    Now this is the sort of downloaded content they should be showing householders, especially female ones. It would help people get a more accurate view of the WT.

    Saintbertholdt, make sure you count this video on your new fs report! (In fact, count a video showing for everyone who visits this thread after your post. We do want to have an accurate record!)


  • SecretSlaveClass
    On this forum alone there are women who intellectually and pragmatically blow away most worldly men I know personally - let alone the uneducated male morons of the bOrg!
  • stillin

    My wife is smarter, in practical things for sure, than I am. She's now the boss. My nuts were removed a few years ago so don't tell me to grow a pair. Now my voice is changing to a more soprano timbre and she speaks like a great authority on everything.

    what would Brother Herd do with us?

  • Darkknight757

    Technology evolves and gets smaller all the time. The computer processor is a great example of that.

    Perhaps women's smaller hat size is the next evolution of human?? In 17 years of marriage my wife is 1000x right more often than myself. So either she's smarter than me or.......she's a homosexual.

  • Pistoff
    Anyone know where and when this was from?
  • truthseeker100

    Does this sound like a man who is inspired of God?

    Listening to someone like him is painful to me! He should go back a couple of hundred years and take a community college level course on Darwinian Evolution. LOL He is not ready for the University of life that is staring someone like him in the face. LOL

  • StephaneLaliberte
    Now why would that not be considered hate speech? I think that's where his freedom of expression stops. Seriously, if you say something like that in a conversation over dinner with friends... I think this is one thing. But to be in a position of power and influence and say that the women are not equipped physically, that to me sounds like hate speech. The same kind of speech that said black were inferior physically due to various skull measurements backs in the 1800s. This needs to be reported. Is someone reporting this?
  • dbq407
    I love how they use science to back up their god awful reasonings sometimes, but most the times, scientists are always wrong when it interferes with what they think the bible teaches.
  • StephaneLaliberte

    Here is a challenge for any active witness who want to cause drama in his local congregation:

    While out in service or having casual conversations, bring out the idea that women are inferior because of the size of their brain: but do not tell about this talk! After some time, when you can no longer avoid the elders who will want to meet with you, then bring up the fact that Samuel Hurd thought this at a Convention. If they ask about the video: “I found it on YouTube; I’ll expend on that later, right now, I want to focus on why you’re even here? What’s wrong with that teaching?”

    They will probably try to dismiss it away saying “It could have been a slip of the tong from this brother while it is not actually endorsed by the society.” Then ask: “In our prayers, in our talks, in field service, in our literature, we accept that the Conventions are spiritual feast prepared by Jehovah.” Who am I, or who are you to pick and choose from that table? If the society does not endorse it, surely they will send a letter to the congregations who heard it. Heck, they can send a letter themselves to ask about it. If the society does not deem it important to rectify the teaching with the thousands of Christians who heard it, then why would you, the elders, cause issues with me for repeating it?

  • Diogenesister

    HaHaHa ...I was seething when I first "Herd" that..funny how he uses scientists stats but forgets to mention that hat size & IQ are not even co related I do think it's great for faders who are forced to go in service..

    Do show it to householders!

    btw StephaneLaliberte I do think it is hate speach, combined with toni morris iii homo tight pants rage someone in the US should report it to a womens rights group & get their lawyers on the case...this dude is a nutter

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