A new step in my exit from the WT

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  • Skepsis

    Hi, thanks to all!

    Finally, I only went once to the meeting in this country to ask for the Secretary's address. Then, I called the elders back in my country to send him my publisher card. Since then, I've disappeared. Have attended no meetings, no preaching, nothing.

    No one here knows my address, my phone number or any detail about me. I'm not going to come back to my country in the foreseeable future. The number of JWs that I know here is zero.

    I'm not reporting this month so I will become inactive. Don't know what the elders here will do after reading a recommendation letter and receiving the card of a 'ghost publisher'.

    Anyway, I found a job here and I'm starting a whole new life. Thanks for the advice I received in this thread. In case I had attended more meetings, I would be stuck dealing with the elders.

    I still have JW family in my country but in my everyday life, I'm completely free. It's starting from scratch in every sense: new country, new job, no more meetings or WT indoctrination, no pretending, being myself and doing what I really believe... It's freedom!

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