NWT...how accurate?

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  • Theburstbubble
    I'm sorry if I'm covering old ground here. But is the NWT bible a credible translation of the scriptures? I'm not asking if you believe in the bible or not. Just as a translation is it as accurate as they say it is? Or have they played with some of the verses to suit the beliefs? Just curious...
  • Londo111
    They have massaged verses that made them doctrinally uncomfortable...especially when a passage supported the deity of Christ.
  • stillin
    It is much more a paraphrase now than a translation.
  • baker
    Col 1:15,17 and20 the word "other" has been added to change the meaning to slant toward what they teach. The interlinear translation they use to publish does not have this word there, so the interlinear is no longer available from them. Just one example among "other"s.
  • jookbeard
    the NWT NT is nothing short of a joke
  • FayeDunaway
    What Londo said. They have massaged every single scripture suggesting the deity of Christ. Do some research, type in 'scriptures proving the deity of christ' and compare how NWT translates them compared to other translations, and use the kingdom interlinear. There was a concerted EFFORT to downgrade Jesus, and when I realized that, I lost all respect for them.Also, research what all the 'J' citings in the new testament were. In the beginning of the interlinear it says what the sources were. Research them. They put them there as if there is a good excuse to use the name Jehovah in the NT. They are nonsense. 238 times, if I recall correctly..
  • jwfacts

    Every Bible translation has some bias based on the doctrinal belief of the translators. Since there are multiple ways to translate certain passages, there is a requirement for interpretation as part of translation. This is also the case with the NWT. This is way an argument over how to translate a passage such as John 1:1 can be irreconcilable.

    The older NWT was less biased than the new NWT, as it highlighted via [ .. ] where the translators had added a word to make sense of a passage. The NNWT does not do this, and so quite blatantly has made a translation to fit the doctrinal views of Watchtower without the reader realising that passages do not read as generally considered acceptable.

  • TimDrake1914
    If you want a well respected and highly regarded translation of the bible, go with the New Revised Standard Version. It was produced by a committee of some of the most qualified and respected biblical scholars of our time, using the most reliable biblical manuscripts available. If I need to look up scriptures and want the most unbiased translation available, the NRSV is my go to bible now.
  • slimboyfat

    I made a post to this thread but it never showed up. It was a pure belter.

  • FayeDunaway
    Please post again sbf, tho I know how frustrating it is to rewrite something.

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