NWT...how accurate?

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  • TD

    Jason Be'Dunne (hope I have spelled this correctly) is the author in support of this new bible and is endorsed by the society.

    The JW's grey & silver bound Bible was published in 2013. Truth In Translation was published ten years before that in 2003.

    I'm sure the JW's selectively quote BeDuhn, just like they selectively quote everyone else, but to be fair, he strongly criticizes the insertion of the name, "Jehovah" in the NT, so the book is hardly an unqualified endorsement of the NWT.

    ..his own university distanced itself from the book.

    When and how did NAU do that?


    Worth mentioning that no scholarly board, organization or university thinks enough of the NWT to even list it as a legit translation.

    At least, that's my understanding

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