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  • Rivergang

    Beth Sarim,

    There is nothing like expecting to have it both ways, is there!

    During the recession of the early 1990s, I was living in a circuit which encompassed a low socio-economic area. People there struggled at the best of times, yet the WTS still expected everybody to be forthcoming in paying for the planned new Assembly Hall.

    There were pointed talks "from the platform" which practically accused us all of being just a bloody bunch of tight-@$$es. However, interspersed with those were other talks expressing dim views of young persons who even just wanted to enter into an apprenticeship - let alone pursue a higher qualification.

    At the time, the most charitable thing I could think to describe the situation was "a total disconnection with reality".

  • Foolednomore

    Watchtower wants the stupid with money.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    They want the stupid with money.

    And those who keep eating-up with the dumba$$es.

  • NotFormer

    Rivergang, your anecdote reminds me of a certain Australian Prime Minister who said, during the recession of the early 80s: "Life wasn't meant to be easy". He wasn't the Prime Minister after the next election.

    Do you think half these WT jackasses would retain their positions if the R&F could vote them in and out?

  • no-zombie

    For me, the way the Governing Body handles the whole education thing, is about control.

    Let me explain.

    You see, the GB could say ... "Look many young people live on university campuses, often far away from parental control. Unfortunately this has led to many reports of worldly youths drinking, having sex and taking drugs in the dormitories and at so-call frat parties. Christian youths could easily feel pressured in this environment to join in, which would directly compromise their standing with Jehovah. However if a Christian youth is determined to go to university, despite the risk, wouldn't a better option be to attend one in your home city, were you can still go to your congregation meetings and be cared for my your parents?"

    All of which is reasonable advice. (Except of course university campus living is not really a thing outside of the US)

    But the Governing Body has decided to claim that the desire to attend university, is a lack of faith. A lack of faith in the nearness of Armageddon, a lack of faith in Jehovah's willingness to provide and a lack of faith in them. Yet for anyone who thinks about it for a minute, will see that the level of education a person wants is purely a conscience matter, for there is not one scripture in the Bible on this topic. And if they wanted to get interpretative, then actually there is more weight to support the argument of having more education to "support one's family".

    Thus the only reasonable, conclusion a person can make, is that the Governing Body wants control over the lives of young people, to limit their options and to make them mentally dependent upon the Organization.

  • was a new boy
    was a new boy

    jehovaxx 4 days ago

    this infuriates me. How many of us are now struggling because we were told to get menial part time jobs and we were told the end would have been here by now.

    HiddlesWife 3 days ago
    AGAIN, another SUBLIMINAL TOOL used via this cultporation to influence young people (and those a little older in age groups) to: DUM-DOWN themselves and "think" to not feel that they are worth anything in the area of caring for themselves financially.

    'Your autobiographical memory is what allows you to form a unique individuality. The four keys to autobiographical memory are: where something happened, when it happened, what happened, and how it felt. In the video clip above, Nehls reviews how the autobiographical memory works.

    Of these four memory factors, the emotional association (how you felt) is paramount. If something is exciting or frightening, the memory of where, when and what are cemented into memory, and can easily be dredged back up simply by being reminded of the same feeling.'

    Speaking (how you felt) regarding the religion can get one pulled back into 'judicial room' real fast. So one learns to suppress such thoughts as well as 'curiosity'.

    'Fear is a proven means of making sure someone will remember something. The hippocampus stores the emotional responses to the time and place (when and where) that the emotionally charged event took place in the dentate gyrus, an area inside the hippocampi, while the details of the event and how you felt (what and how) are stored in the cornu ammonis, another area inside the hippocampi.

    Add anxiety and fear into the mix, and you have a perfect recipe for indoctrination as the old memories are not only being overwritten, but the anxiety-filled new narrative is also being efficiently stored in your long-term memory. As noted in Nehls’ book:5'

    High pitch anxiety and fear were the normal at the Kingdom Hall pre 1975. There was always one theme, 'It's bad out there, and it's getting worse.' One Sunday I thought I was crazy when an Elder's son remarked to another brother, 'If you look around, you can see that things are just falling apart now.' Said to my self, 'Man I must be crazy, as I don't see anything falling apart.'

  • Vidiot

    To a contemporary ultraconservative, all the things they valued and “defended” are being flushed down the toilet, and when the inherent shittiness of people in general is an integral component of your worldview, those values and defenses are held up as the only thing keeping civilization from descending overnight into the world of Mad Max.

    EDIT: Ultraconservative religionists feel this way all the time.

  • Vidiot
    no-zombie - “…Thus the only reasonable, conclusion a person can make, is that the Governing Body wants control over the lives of young people, to limit their options and to make them mentally dependent upon the Organization.”

    It’s nothing new.

    “Keep them ignorant and dependent” was pretty much every feudal lord’s modus operandi back in Medieval times.

  • Riley

    I have two brother in laws . One is a heart surgeon and the other is an engineer working in the nuclear power industry. Both are at the top of their fields and both are published in scientific and academic journals.

    The idea that some religious half wit tells me it is all done for financial gain is truly offensive.

  • Vidiot
    Beth Sarim - “…They want the stupid with money…”

    Problem is, there ain’t that many of those.


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