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  • jehovaxx

    There is an item this week all about Yang ones leaving school.

    the two brothers go to a career advisor seminar. One brother thinks it’s good to work hard full time while you are young and tries to encourage his friend to as well.

    his friend (who is the good JW trust the GB no matter what they say)) he wants a part time job.

    the video shows him dreaming about investing his money on his phone and the chart goes up, he drives a nice car and seems to be doing well financially.

    then he reads the scripture in Proverbs and next you see that investment chart go down in the red and he is so pleased he just got a low paid part time job.

    this infuriates me. How many of us are now struggling because we were told to get menial part time jobs and we were told the end would have been here by now.

    I will never tell a young person to listen to the GB advice on this. I think it’s very good for a young person to work hard full time while they are young and have the energy to do it.

    Listen to the Bibles advice which is excellent and ignore the twisted interpretation from the GB of JWs

  • FedUpJW
    I think it’s very good for a young person to work hard full time while they are young and have the energy to do it.

    Growing up my father advised me to get good employment and invest as much as I could throughout my working career. He had a saying that I have passed on to others, "Savings and wise investments are stored labor." I have seen way too many who followed the idiotic (IMO) advise of the users at the top of the JW hierarchy to only do the minimum amount of work to scrape by, and they are still doing that when they are crippled old people and finally drop dead in the harness.

    I followed my father's advice, and was able to retire in my mid forties and still live comfortably. My investments are providing me with the same income every month now that I was earning when I was employed full-time. I've also seen that the following scripture is true for most JW's who obeyed the "don't get any extra education, don't work full-time, don't store up treasure on earth (savings) are having the same end results.

    (Proverbs 6:6-11) 6 Go to the ant, you [uneducated] JW; see its ways and become wise. 7 Although it has no [governing body, governing body helper, or elders] 8 it prepares its food even in the summer; it has gathered its food supplies even in the harvest. 9 How long, you JW, will you keep refusing to get an education or a good job, or savings? When will you rise up from your recliner? 10 A little more study, a little more preaching, a little more washing of the windows in your desire to obey eight men in New York, 11 and your poverty will certainly come just like some rover, and your want like an armed man.

    Edited to reflect the way I view today's typical JW

  • Diogenesister
  • LeeMerk

    Agreed that the Bible gives good advice on working hard and investing in our future. Also, getting enjoyment from our hard work and the fruits of our labor.

    The JW advice is completely different and unwise.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    "You young ones, are you concerned about a career? Why?"

  • Phizzy

    They were saying EXACTLY the same crap when I was young , 50 years ago or more !

    I am SO glad I didn't listen ! I never swallowed the 1975 Bullcrap either, according to the org. this "System of things" would be all over by October '75. In August 1975 I started my Private Pension , thinking that the State Pension would be insufficient. I was more right than I knew, we now in the U.K have the lowest State Pension in Europe.

    The org. is still trying to ruin the lives of the young, and leave them no choice but to be trapped in "The End is Soooo Close" Mindset. Only to find they have insufficient or no funds in Retirement.

    The callous Lying Bastards !

  • LongHairGal


    Please don’t tell me anybody believes these silly videos the JW religion puts out accurately portray real life??? They might fool a grade school kid - but that’s it.

    The religion just won’t let up about bashing and inaccurately portraying education and careers.

    I am sure there are thousands of Baby Boomer Witnesses (current and ex) who are suffering today because they unwisely were in the ministry for decades instead of a job! They have reached their senior years absolutely broke and unprepared.. Didn’t pay enough into SS, no pension or 401k.. Is the religion going to support them?? That’s a laugh🤣.

    The religion cannot deliver the paradise it promised to everybody. Not only that, the older JWs in congregations who pushed the housecleaning/pioneering agenda on gullible young people back then aren’t even around to help anybody today. Most have died.

    I personally witnessed this back in the day.. I refused to quit my job and am forever Thankful.. I’m a longtime ‘Fader’ who is Glad I’m no longer in the religion because I would never tolerate being around these broke Witnesses looking for handouts!👎

  • no-zombie

    I know there are more important things to get upset about, however how the Governing Body treats professional education and professional careers, is my the one that personally sets me off.

    And while I'm not going to into what qualifications I have, they were enough for me to work in the professional world all my life. However in all my years in studying and working, I never once heard anyone talking about how much money they were going to make or money they had made. In fact in my environment it was viewed as impolite to actually do so. People just got paid their worth according to their qualifications and experience, and that was it.

    But why did the people around me, choose our profession? They did it because they loved the work ... and the so-called money, fame and recognition was NEVER considered as a factor.

    But the pure hypocrisy of the the Governing Body is that, while they quite happy to pour the 'you know what' on the people who have gone to university, they don't hesitate in asking those very same people, who were now in a medical, legal or engineering field, to donate their time in a Bethel to help with 'the Kingdom interests'.

    Its such a joke.

  • Rivergang

    Not again - the €{¥#ards have broken out in a fresh place!

  • HiddlesWife

    AGAIN, another SUBLIMINAL TOOL used via this cultporation to influence young people (and those a little older in age groups) to: DUM-DOWN themselves and "think" to not feel that they are worth anything in the area of caring for themselves financially.

    Firstly, the damning prohibition regarding college/university; and now secondly, rejecting decent job/employment offerings. This cultporation gives me the stark impression that they DON'T WANT the Rank & File to EVEN SURVIVE. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the leadership keeps BEGGING PROFUSELY for funds--while a good amount/more than several members barely have enough money to support themselves concerning the three (3) necessities of life (food/clothing/shelter). Sidebar--> A few ex-Dubs have mentioned wondering why WT does not provide a shelter system for followers who have fallen on tough times to the greater degree that they are HOMELESS! The KHs that are being sold--for profit, of course--can house the ones who have nowhere to go, preventing them from sleeping on the streets! 😥😣

    MY RANT is viable; The Borg DGAHD for their people and is constantly influencing them to UNDERMINE themselves just about every day this organization disguised as a religion stays in existence! 😠😡

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