The International convention in Warsaw is coming soon

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  • FadeToBlack

    I took my wife to the airport today to pick up a 'delegate' from the US. On the way, she was almost crying with joy when she read that JW's will have free public transportation if they wear their lapel badge and have matching ID. Jah provides!

    She has the privilege of working a few days at the 'info desk' at a hotel at the airport. Apparently the big thing delegates are stoked about is all the JW events that have been arranged.

    Will report back as I hear more. Convention dates are Aug 9th thru the 11th. All the 'fun' stuff has been arranged for the week before. Even my wife has started dressing in more native peasant outfits for the visitors.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Crying for the joy of not having to pay for transport which apparently was personally arranged by Big J--- but what about Polish JWs leading the field in terms of apostasy? In Europe last year it was the country with the biggest decline in Witness numbers. Was Jah behind that as well?

  • FadeToBlack

    Thanks for that information. I am still planning to visit the convention just to meet some of the 'apostates'.

  • blondie

    These WTS sponsored trips/tours are very expensive, not in the pay bracket of pioneers and jws struggling financially. I knew several of my associates who went and were disappointed but made sure that they gave glowing reviews publicly. After all, while spoil your status as one of the favored few.

  • nowwhat?

    Costs to be a delegate ain't cheap! If they can afford to attend they certainly can afford a bus ticket! Which begs the question, what purpose does it serve to send a financially well off jdub to another country?

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    Thanks, Blondie for your truthful input. A few years ago, I had some friends in Argentina get excited about coming to the U.S for the International Convention,..... until they saw the price! Evidently, God isn't rich enough or is having a recession in heaven to supply the funds for their trip.

    The WTBTS has learned they have a submissive customer base of rich Jehovah's Witnesses that need the emotional propping up or publishers that want to soar with the Eagles and they are willing to pay big-time money for attending a special assembly in a foreign country, for the Stories they Can Tell. (Sounds like a Jimmy Buffett Song). WTBTS has learned that selling the "Brotherhood is an Extremely Profitable Market."

    Peaceful, trustworthy people that you are soon/imminently going to share the earthly paradise with, picking you up at the airport, taking you out to restaurants, sightseeing, visiting Regional Wineries dating back to the Romans, and visiting Bethels. If Lucky, (by coincidence) You may even be introduced to a Missionary or Circuit Overseer and their Wife. You may/could enjoy the happy hour with the CO. Wow, what an opportunity. The WTBTS doesn't pay a penny for the tour guides as they are volunteers counting their Theocratic Activity time. The CO's and wives, pioneers, etc will gladly share their time as not only are they counting it, it keeps the Game going. I recommend buying their drinks. (It's Like when everyone is bankrupt in Monopoly but the winner wants to play some more so he lends money to the other players, but after a half an hour, he still wins.)

  • Diogenesister

    This is a great interview with a Polish exjw who talks about the loss of Polish JWs and the possible reasons for this.

    10,000 Polish JWs have left the Org in the last few years. Some have claimed they have moved to the UK but the numbers of UK JWs haven't increased during the same period. In fact they have slightly declined. Which poses the question, where have the British JWs gone if the Polish JWs are all in the UK?

    Oh boy! Anyway, it's worth a listen guys!

  • Diogenesister

    The truth is JWs look forward to International conventions for the Extra-curriculars - the fun and games, sight-seeing, evenings out and 'shows' they get to rehearse and organize, let alone watch.

    Watchtowers 'spiritual food' is a snore-fest they have to tolerate in order to enjoy the good stuff. The Org allows all this razzamatazz because it's probably well aware dubs wouldn't fork out a fortune just to listen to a Watchtower-study in another language.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    @ Diogenesister What a great ex-JW heroine Sara Kozub is!

    She could have been instrumental in the org losing thousands of J dubs and warning hundreds of thousands more not to join. Such good TV exposure would also put the brakes on those having studies with Witnesses.

    This would account for Poland receiving special attention from the GB to cover their grisly tombs with special Watchtower Brand Whitewash.

  • ToesUp

    "Watchtowers 'spiritual food' is a snore-fest they have to tolerate in order to enjoy the good stuff."

    Spot on!

    We had JW family members come into town for the International convention. They enjoyed the "festivities" after the convention. They were not delegates but are "well known" in WT land. My question, how many little ole "faithful" Brothers and Sisters, that have been pioneering for years and years and have zero dollars to their names (because they listened to WT and received no education and have nothing saved for their later years), would like to attend one of these carnival like assemblies? They can't afford it! They are broke, elderly and can not do anything for anybody @ WT. They have just been "doing their best for Jehovah" for 30, 40 or 50 plus years!

    These "carnivals" are just for the well known and wealthy JW's. There is nothing left for the plain Jane, poor and elderly. They are just sitting around waiting on the Kingdom that will never come. Sad!

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