The International convention in Warsaw is coming soon

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  • dozy

    The international conventions are just another revenue generation scheme for the Org. They make money on the grossly inflated hotel costs , transport , kick backs from the host cities ( sometimes pretty crappy ones that don't get a lot of tourist trade. ) etc etc.

    The host cities don't seem to understand that most JWs ( even the wealthier ones that go on such trips ) are quite cheap - they aren't always going to be spending $xx in restaurants etc - so the usual subsidies and formulas based on "we are bringing X,000 "delegates" to your city , pay us $X per head" don't apply.

    A relative of mine went to Canada for an international assembly a couple of years ago but he returned somewhat unimpressed. He only got to see one or two of the popular tourist spots - most of the time he was doing JW stuff. There were a lot of requirements and restrictions - even down to having to wear meeting attire a lot of the time ( including on the flights. ) The hotel cost 40% more than it should have done ( and he didn't even get any reward points. ) He even had to go out of the ministry one day ( his wife feigned sickness & spent the day seeing some of the tourist sites ) !


    Hey, remember when Jah provided a bus not too long ago and people were decapitated when the Angels went on a break?


  • SnakesInTheTower


    There were a lot of requirements and restrictions - even down to having to wear meeting attire a lot of the time ( including on the flight).

    When I went to Hamburg, Germany in summer 2006, it was everything you mentioned. It was overpriced, rushed, and the attire thing. I got chewed out by the "Team Captain", because I was an elder, MTS grad and "Assistant Team Captain" for the tour group (or some such nonsense JW title), and I was NOT wearing a jacket or tie, AND I was wearing walking shoes (aka sneakers). International flight in meeting clothes? Uh, no. I wanted to be comfortable.

    I ended up missing almost a whole day of "on my own" sightseeing in London because I had huge blisters and could barely dress shoes. Never again.


  • FadeToBlack

    Update time: Wife worked at info desk Monday and Tuesday from 11am -10PM. It was too late to come home so she got to stay in one of the comp rooms. Tuesday she got home early (9pm). Lots of trinkets exchanged with delegates. Today she had to go to a 'meeting' for volunteers somewhere else in Warsaw. Tomorrow she is at another info desk and then Friday to opening day of convention. Of course, she is all weepy relating how wonderful all of this is.

    I had to take our visiting delegate to her hotel - it was time to officially check-in. Warsaw was already crawling with delegates when we got there at around 13:00. It was hard to get from the train station to the hotel without running into them. At the hotel there were 4 or 5 sisters outside welcoming us. Inside there were about 20 more all lined up and smiling and waving on the way to the registration desk. It had a kind of creepy beauty-pagent quality about it. I got our guest in line and told her I had to go. There were 2 young brothers by the JW info-desk playing KM songs softly on a guitar and some type of flute.

    It was good I saw it first because when I got home I read some JW emails to my wife from the hospitality coordinators with PDF's describing how to dress and behave. Lots of emphasis on 'big-smiles'. So far nobody has invited me to the convention! I

  • FadeToBlack

    @Diogenesister: thanks for link to Sarah's interview. Very encouraging to hear.

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