What authority have the GB got left to them?

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  • Truthexplorer
    Very good OP. I thinks slimboyfats take on things is in a nut shell a factor as to why so many of us remain despite knowledge of the facts that we are being led by a handful of deluded dudes in NY. The social factor also holds sway, particularly if raised as a JW. Of course adding to this the whole cruel shunning policy for simply choosing to leave 'officially' is the cherry on the icing as to why people don't leave. The GB need to stop being so totalitarian in their harsh authoritarian policies which are putting so many people off and instead bring in the Christ like 'Christian' authority that the rank need.
  • Finkelstein

    their harsh authoritarian policies which are putting so many people off

    Yes I think this is one the reasons why people were put off by this organization overall is its rigid autocratic control over people . You either strictly obey and show no opposition dissidence to expressed doctrines or other things such as appearance etc. and you will be left alone only to be pressured to spread about the doctrines which the leaders of this religious publishing house devise and create.

    Being that this organization was founded and built upon false unscriptural means, in the vein of false prophesying, this shouldn't be so surprising.

    In essence the WTS leaders were propagating their own power stature around themselves as god's chosen ones and accomplishing this by the literature they published.

    So in other words they choose god, god didn't choose them, god would never choose false prophets, commercialized ones at that.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    ''Get over yourselves. The org is going nowhere except into the future. The momentum they have established will easily weather another 100 years of storms thrown their way.''

    Pull your head out of the freakin' sand. Others have said that the Great Tribulation, The fall of Babylon the Great and Armageddon are wayyyyy overdue. Think of it as damn, which is getting too small for the volume of water it's holding back. Well, all those failed prophecies are like that ''volume of water'' with doubts people are having about the Borg. Sooner or later something has to let loose.

    Hey don't look now, but the dike is about to break.


    SBF is right, that's what dubs would say as a defense. "Who else preaches God's name? Who else has a real love for each other?", would be the canned responses given.

    The latest nu-light being asserted is that the GB have the authority to make decrees. Yep, you heard it right. The base their new BS on some scripture about the apostles making a decree, and the fallacy of a 1st century GB.

    Their goal is clear. TOTAL CONTROL.

    "STFU, contribute and be blessed!", says the GB.


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