What authority have the GB got left to them?

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  • pbrow

    unbeliever.... by 100 years you mean "right around the corner" right?


  • wannaexit

    Get over yourselves. The org is going nowhere except into the future. The momentum they have established will easily weather another 100 years of storms thrown their way.

    I thought that any day the great tribulation will start and then soon after the end of the wicked? You are preaching a different message and going against your slave

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Get over yourselves. The org is going nowhere except into the future. The momentum they have established will easily weather another 100 years of storms thrown their way.

    hmmm--i'm not so sure about that. their silly attempts to modernise just turn any half intelligent person right off. so i expect to see a lot more dubs having 2nd thoughts and quietly fading away. that will then gather momentum.

  • Vanderhoven7

    The org is going nowhere except into the future. The momentum they have established will easily weather another 100 years of storms thrown their way.

    Not really. The tribulation and Armageddon are long overdue at this moment. The great crowd of other sheep began being called early last century. And these are ones who come out of the great tribulation.... which according to the WT hasn't started yet. Those in the audience who were 20 years old when Rutherford identified them as the great crowd at a convention in Washington DC in 1935, are already centenarians. Not a one has seen let alone come out of the tribulation.

  • DesirousOfChange

    If SBF was playing "devils advocate", then I apologize, it just was not that obvious.

    It was for all of us that have come to know him by reading all of his posts.

    SLIM -- sometimes it's a good idea to end such posts with a note, ie, [satire]. With such written communication, some are unable to catch that "wink" or "smirk".


  • LisaRose

    The internet is making it very difficult to attract and retain members, there is just too much disturbing information out there for people to find. As with any cult they use mind control to condition people to fear so called apostates and any information that is negative about them but its very diffult to hide things when negative information is only a click away. I think they will soon negative growth in those more developed countries. They may still see some growth in less developed countries, but those people have little money and that will not help them with cash flow.

    Of course they have excuses for any negative information out there and the faithful will tend to believe whatever they say, but its going to be harder and harder to keep the faithful in the dark. They use shunning to maintain information control, but at some point people will have more family members out of the religion than end, a tipping point if you will, and that will make the threat of shunning less effective.

    who else has proclaimed Jehovah's name around the world?

    There may be around the world, but there are still vast populations that have never heard of them. Even in areas where they are well established most people dont know anything about what they believe, so they actually have been very ineffective in proclaiming Jehovahs name and purposes.

    Who else teaches who Jesus really is, the Son of God, and how he gave himself as a ransom for mankind?

    Most any Christian religion teaches that.

    Who else tells people the message that Jehovah plans to restore the earth to a paradise for obedient mankind?

    That is simply their interpretation, and one that can only be defended by very selective use of a few scriptures.

    Who else tells the truth about what happens when you die?

    Again, their interpretation. They have a right to that, but to call others unchristian for accepting another interpretation of these things is wrong. The bible is clear that it is belief in Jesus and his sacrifice that saves us, not whether we follow a particular group of men or interpretation ofvdoctrine. Early christians had disagreements on doctrine, they were not shunned or considered unchristian for it.

    Who else has love among themselves and will not take arms up against each other if they happen to live on opposite sides of borders?

    The Hebrew god allowed war for the nation of Israel, even promoting it at times so the bible is far from promoting pacifism. Christians were told be peaceable, but also to obey the secular authorities. The reality is that war is a necessary evil and there is a difference between defence and offense. Just as individuals have the right to defend themselves if their life is threatened, even if the attacker is a christian, countries have the right and duty to defend themselves from attack by other, more aggressive nations. You could argue that Christian countries should not be the aggressor and this is true, those Christians are in the wrong, but that some in any particular religion are wrong does not condemn that religion in general, as all men are imperfect and fall short, as the Watchtower constantly reminds us when their flaws are pointed out.

    Other groups may have some of these truths or be so small they have splintered from the truth.

    The Watchtower's claim of truth and purity does not hold up to scrutiny. Their claim to have been the only religilion teaching truth when the last days started cannot possibly be right, as they have changed so much from what they once believed at the time. Either they were teaching truth then and have since deviated from it, or they were not teaching the truth then. Their have tried to hide this fact, but their doctrine flip flops and bad predictions are on record.

  • Divergent


    Get over yourselves. The org is going nowhere except into the future. The momentum they have established will easily weather another 100 years of storms thrown their way.

    Yes, as evidenced by the "extraordinary" growth they had last year

  • Alive!

    'Get over yourselves'

    No problem. And I agree, there is still plenty of force left in the 'org'.

    Gone to any meetings yet?

  • slimboyfat
    I am large, I contain multitudes
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Yes force is a very good word...it means they are rich and JWs are powerless.

    But what about their right to claim the exclusive attention of the creator of the universe? The legitimacy of the JW org?

    If there is a creator why would he choose this bunch of non-entities in 1919 when the beliefs they held in those days, today would be condemned...in fact to hold those beliefs now would get you disfellowshipped!

    What sort of God is this whose name must be proclaimed? I will tell you.

    Jehovah is the modern English form of a Latin translation of "Yahweh." Yahweh was the name of one of the gods in the Canaanite pantheon, He was one of the seventy sons of the 'almighty' God El. (Why don't JWs worship him instead?) Yahweh was represented as a seated ox-headed idol in the manner of Egyptian gods, bearing grand curving horns and he sat alongside his female consort Ashera.

    These supremely pagan ideas were borrowed by the Israelites from their more illustrious sea-faring neighbours the Phoenicians BACK IN THE BRONZE AGE.

    JW defenders...Why not wake up now and realize you have been duped?

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