Someone needs to tell "The Librarian" to stop feeding the apostate trolls.

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  • oppostate

    Sure looks like some awkward hand positions there (both lefty and righty). What's going on there?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I got it!!! ROFL, ROFL

  • wannaexit
    Got it! I'll have to have a peek at the site.
  • Finkelstein

    ......... " Mommy brother Nelson touched my penis "

    ......... " Did he, well ok but tell anyone outside of the congregation "

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    LOL, just look at the guys legs how they're wide open and his hands. WTF. Body languageSick!!

  • Landy
    I think that if anyone see something like that in that picture it says more about their mind than it does about the picture.
  • lurkernomore

    Wow! Ridiculous thread and even more riduculous comments by some on here.

    Totally with Pete Z and Landy on this one, creating something out of nothing like this does nothing but feed the stereotype JW'S have of apostates.

  • David_Jay

    There are many things wrong with the Jehovah's Witnesses...many, many things. But this is not one of them.

    Just as being an ex-JW does not automatically make you a "mentally diseased apostate," being a JW does not automatically make you a person with questionable morals.

    Good people get caught up in this religion. Good people are still within, many struggling with trying to get out. While there, most do their best at being their best. And many with no intention on leaving aren't any more a danger to your child than the good, faithful priest and kind nun in a Catholic parish who are not involved with child molestation (and in fact fighting against it).

    Most of us here were once Jehovah's Witnesses. When we were kind to a child, was that due to some morally questionable desires we had? I doubt it. Regardless of how much we did or didn't believe in the doctrine, most of us were not a threat to children. Human nature generally moves us to act as protector and educator, not predator, even when it is not our own child. That is why sexual child abuse is so horrible becuase it goes against our basic human instincts regarding children.

    Regardless what Jehovah's Witnesses believe or teach, none of this makes them any less human. They may regard us ex-JW as less human or "mentally diseased," but we will not be the same in kind. These are people, you were once one of them, and we are not so far removed from one another as we often like to think. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Condemning genuine kindness in others condemns us when we act the same.

    Understandably many are angry and greatly hurt after leaving the Watchtower, but like everything else, we need to keep our emotions in check. When we start seeing everything the Witnesses do with suspicion, that is a signal we may have let things go too far. Emotion can only take you to a certain point and negative feelings can't be your master. Use common sense and common decency.

    And stick to facts instead of calling each elder who shows kindness to a child a potential child molesting pervert.

  • Pistoff

    From David Jay:

    And stick to facts instead of calling each elder who shows kindness to a child a potential child molesting pervert

    We will stop suspecting elders of being child rapists, just as soon as they say a child molester CAN'T under any circumstance be an elder or MS, something they refuse to do.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    You know, before I had kids, I could not understand WHY other male adults could even be interested in my kids. I remember, at the assembly hall, I would go to the bathroom and change my kid’s dippers and there would be those 50 something year old men who would walk by, look at my kid and their face would light up, smiling. As a new father, I couldn’t understand that and felt threatened by them.

    Well, now that my kids are growing up, I have found myself doing the exact same thing as these man did back in the days: Looking at other’s kids, be kind, find them adorable, etc. I understand what these little ones feel, like, do. It brings me back a few years, when my own kids were their age – the good days.

    And now, I feel frustrated. Frustrated that because of a few SOBs, normal guys like me cannot look at a kid without wondering if their mother or father is going to feel threatened by it. So, I tend to be overly cautious. I think this social barrier needs to be broken.

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