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  • pale.emperor
    I was struck by what you said about sometimes having to be dishonest when talking to people about the Witness religion. You felt you had to lie a little so that it would be seen in a better light.

    I remember doing this myself and I never felt good about it. If most Witnesses are honest with themselves they will admit they are dishonest as well when defending the religion to non-JWs.

    Same here. I was a loyal defender of the JWs but I also had to resort to lying to protect the image.

    I congratulate you on your honesty and search for truth. If more JWs were like you I'd have a lot more respect for the org.

  • smiddy

    Welcome from Australia Ray Frakz a good honest first post .Questions are welcome here the curlier the better.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Welcome and thank you for your post.

    Just one piece of advice from an old man, DON'T MARRY THE GIRL FRIEND UNTIL YOU'RE SORTED OUT!

    All the best


  • Stirred

    Welcome to the forum and to the freedom to share your thoughts, doubts, discoveries and progress. So many things tripped me up that seemed dishonest and hypocritical about JW organization that finally I HAD to face the facts and deal with them. Truth doesn't change nor does it need to be sheltered by a lie. It will always find its way to the surface.

    Some of the issues that triggered it for me:

    - NGO membership and alignment with United Nations

    - Investment in Raytheon (defense)

    - YMCA membership issue vs a vis NGO

    - Much of the Revelation Book by JW that claim WT events fulfill Bible prophecies.

    - Tithing - used to be proud of fact we don't pass the hat so to speak until recent changes with the swipping of deeds, deposits and surreptitious implementation of passive aggressive pressure for congregation and congregants to commit to monthly "commitments to Jehovah" for a certain level of contribution.

    - Lack of love shown by their regular preaching of judgement amongst the congregation of any suspected of being spiritually weak and encouraging distancing from these ones, including natural family members who may not be JWs or are "weak" JWs. This really was the breaking point for me when I really listened and heard these directives from the platform to my family and my Bible studies. Could not support this and was a victim of this directive. It did not motivate me to be "stronger" but made me feel rejected, somewhat dejected, then angry at the shallow reaction to just preemptively shun without knowing anyone but just making assumptions of their spiritual strength....

    - The organization fosters a kind of Darwinian spirituality, so-to-speak, as a survival of the fittest

    - Boasts of not using titles of priest, etc. but revels in labels reflecting a competitive, hierarchical, caste-system - Pioneer, "Special" Pioneer, "Active" Publisher vs. "Inactive" Publisher, etc.

    Hope you find a peaceful balance that brings you and your family joy.

  • redpilltwice

    Welcome and greetings from The Netherlands, we have the highest coffee consumption in the world!

    Good books...take your time.

  • zeb

    Take up a creative hobby. while you are tinkering you brain is working on stuff. Very therapeutic.

  • Chook

    Welcome Ray F, you can ask the questions here that the cong forbids. Also your friends on here don't share their loyalty with a realestate company based in Warwick.

  • tor1500

    Hi RF,

    Welcome, you have come to the right place. I like you are not ready to leave because I do believe in God and his son Christ Jesus. This is where until that day may or may not come if you think you are spiritually weak when you don't agree with them. You will come on this site state your feelings and concerns and find out you are not spiritually weak, it's their interpretation that is weak and holes can be poked in it if they could take it.

    You are responsible for your own relationship with God, not the orgs. If you notice they pushing personal relationship with Jehovah and more personal study and meditation. This is for you. I'm in as well so I see and feel what you do. I have conditional friends in the hall and unconditional friends that are not in the hall. Most of the friends like me so if I left, I think they would miss me after awhile. Then would call me one by one because I'm pleasant to talk to.

    As I say keep what you need and toss out what you don't. If you or I wish to leave, nothing or nobody can say yea or nay.


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  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    Thank you all very much for the heartwarmy welcome! I'm looking foward to have great conversations with you all!

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