What will happen when they go full cult mode

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  • RobertT18

    And they start delivering their Message of Judgment?

    what do you think will happen when they start knocking on doors and telling people that their families will be killed in Armageddon because they did not believed in Jehovah. I'm curious how people will react.

    I've been watching a show on HBO called The Leftovers, and there is this cult that made me think of this. I know it's a complete different scenario but I just couldn't help to think of what will happen when they go on 100% cult mode.


  • Carol1111

    People will think they are mad.

    Have they decided when it is going to happen?

  • ttdtt

    It will never happen because the things they are waiting for - like the UN Ending world religion - will never happen. Thus having to change their "message" wont be needed.

    But they will probably ramp up the PASSIVE ministry ( standing in front of carts without talking). Just like jesus:)

  • oppostate
    Have they decided when it is going to happen?

    Soon, just around the corner, everyday we're a day closer.

    It's imminent!

  • Saename

    I don't think the Governing Body will ever announce this change from "the good news" to "the message of judgement." The judgement message requires the Great Tribulation to come. When the Great Tribulation is announced to have started, then it means that the end will come in just a few weeks or months. That would be the end of this cult because that end will not come.

    Imagine this scenario:

    Jehovah's Witnesses announce that the Great Tribulation have started. The Governing Body is gone as are all other anointed ones. Jehovah's Witnesses now await the end that would bring the Paradise, so they keep waiting for Armageddon. How long will they wait after the announcement of the Great Tribulation? What will happen if the end doesn't come in a few weeks? a few months? a few years? a few decades? Eventually, they will have to realise that the end is not coming.

    Accordingly, if the Governing Body—or some other Jehovah's Witness-appointed team—announced the judgement message, all Witnesses would begin to anticipate the end... which will not come. That would be the end of this cult, I assume.

    However, if it did happen—and I would love to see it, frankly—they would gain the same reputation as the Westboro Baptist church did. (By the way, how did that church even start? I mean... how the heck is this possible that anyone was ever convinced of this utter bullsh*t that this church sells?) The newspapers would probably be very busy calling the Jehovah's Witness organisation a hateful cult, etc. And then the Witnesses would be running around in their circles screaming, "Persecution! Persecution!" In the end, everyone would be disappointed that the end is nowhere to be seen, and so they would eventually leave. They'd be forced to join the real world. Without education. Without money. But that would probably take a year or two after the announcement of the judgement message. Maybe a bit more.

    P.S. The young ones would probably leave the cult right after the announcement of the judgement message. They'd be too embarrassed, probably, to "judge people" in front of their colleagues from school. I know I would leave. Hell, I'd run for my life. Then I'd die of embarrassment.

    P.P.S. The above gave me a bit to think about... We may see an increase in the suicidal rates of teenagers if the organisation ever announces the judgement message.

  • Saename

    In my post above I didn't actually take into consideration the required fulfillment of prophecies. Certain prophecies have to be fulfilled before the Great Tribulation could ever be announced—such as the UN ending false religion, as ttdtt has pointed out.

  • sir82

    I don't think the GB has the nuts to switch over to a "message of judgement".

    Such a preaching work would necessarily have to be of very short duration. People are annoyed at JWs knocking on their doors now. What would their reaction be if the message changed to "God's gonna slaughter you, even if you wanted to join us, now it's too late, na na na boo boo" ? Somebody (or a lot of somebodys) would get shot.

    I think the threat of having to switch to a "message of judgement" at some indefinite point in the future (but very soon now!) serves their purpose well enough: to keep JWs just on this edge of a crack-up / meltdown / breakdown.

    An anxious, fearful, paranoid sheep is an obedient, docile, dependent sheep.

  • Saltheart Foamfollower
    Saltheart Foamfollower

    The answer I usually give when asked when I think something will happen is "Within a generation"


  • xjwsrock

    Saltheart - I laughed out loud on that one.

  • xjwsrock

    If they change the message, it will be to intentionally thin the herd.

    Also they would still accept new members if anyone is that stupid.

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