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  • Konagirl

    “As usual, I'm terribly confused by all of this. Have I managed to get any of it right?”

    You must really mean, has the GB gotten anything right? For those who leave the organization, it requires a new wineskin to hold new wine. Matt 9:17

    Who "inherit" the earth? We know it's the “meek” and the “righteous” inherit the earth. (Psalm 37:22,29) Is not Jesus Christ righteous? (1 Cor 1:30) Are not those men and women chosen to be his “bride”, and actually follow him and obey him (not obeying men and their false doctrine)…would they not be found “righteous” as well? (Rom 5:19) As a new creation, they are both human and spirit, having access to the “heavens” and the earth. (Gen 28:10-17; 22:17-18; John 1:51; 2 Cor 5:17; 1 Cor 15:40-49; Rev 21:1-2; Rev 5:9,10)

    A “two-tiered” system is elemental and harsh. God has a family in mind. He is the Father of all who turn to Him and His Word. Jesus is also called a father. (Isa 9:6). Those anointed who “remain” in him, (John 15:4; 1 John 2:28) (or they return to him in repentance once awakened from captivity to lies – Matt 24:24-25; Col 2:8; Rev 13:10, 7,15, 4, 3:18; John 16:2; Mark 10:28-30; 8:35; Luke 22:32; 1 Pet 4:12-13; Heb 13:13)…

    …are referred to as not only as his “brothers”/”brethren” (brother in Greek is two connected words meaning ‘from the same womb’), but also his bride under the new covenant of life, whether they are men or women. (2 Cor 11:2; Eph 5:25) This new covenant, the promise of eternal life, is the “mother of us all”, New Jerusalem. (Gal 4:26)

    Jesus is the second Adam (1 Cor 15:45); his “bride” of brothers, sisters chosen under the new covenant represent this covenant/“mother”. (Gal 4:22-28; 3:28-29) The early priesthood was given the job of caring for the needs of Israel, ministering, judging and teaching them the word of God. (1 Chron 6:49; Mal 2:7; Matt 28:19-20; 2 Cor 5:20-21; Rom 15:15-16; 1 Cor 6:1-6) That too, was a “family”, not an organization as the Wt calls it. God called all Israel His children. There was no mention of “staying close to Jehovah’s organization” in those days. It was, stay close and listen to God and His word. Anything else was considered idolatry. And guess who else was there whom they were to listen to? Jesus, as the “Logos” – (Exod 23:20-23; Matt 17:5; John 1:1-4)

    The anointed priesthood can only serve as priests/kings if they are able to walk among all of God’s children in the Kingdom. Wt. once said that the anointed will minister as priests in heaven, but how that will be done “remains to be seen”. Well, it was already made known in the scriptures. This is why Jesus said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, you will see the heavens opened and the angels (meaning “messengers”/priests - Mal 2:7) of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.” John 1:51; Gen 28:10-17; 22:17-18.

    Since “144,000” is symbolic, then whatever that number comes to when fulfilled, is up to God. The “great crowd” (“great” in power, not number, Matt 5:19) is another segment of that number, who wake up, are “killed” for their testimony of Christ, are sealed, and serve God in His temple "day and night”. (Rev 11:1-3,7-12; Rev 12:11; 7:13-15) They wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb, because they were liars and idolaters…coming from the organization/Beast directed by of false prophets. (Matt 24:24-25; 7:15-20; Rev 13:11,12) Once sealed and once the Kingdom arrives, they are priests/kings and join the “144,000” from the 12 tribes of “Israel”.

    But look where this last bunch come from: Rev 5:9,10 - And they sang a new song, saying:

    “You are worthy to take the scroll,
    And to open its seals;
    For You were slain,
    And have redeemed us to God by Your blood
    Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation,

    And have made us kings and priests to our God;
    And we shall reign ON THE EARTH.”

    They are “living stones” and the last remnant that are added to God’s spiritual temple. (1 Pet 2:5,9; 1 Cor 3:16; Eph 2:20-22; Zech 4:7-8)

    There are two groups of anointed – the first group never “worshiped the Beast” of Revelation 13. They were “blameless”. (Rev 14:4-5; 20:4) The smaller second group, the “remaining ones of the woman’s seed”, (Rev 12:1-4,7,17) were taken captive by the “empty philosophy” of false christs, false prophets, just as it was foretold to happen in the last days. (Matt 24:24-25; Col 2:8; 1 Tim 4:1)

    Where do we see most of them still? Who boasts that the anointed are in their organization, and that it belongs to “Jehovah”. Yep, in the Wt.,the “Beast”, that spiritually “kills” all who defy it, who discard its “mark” as a “Jehovah’s Witness” who are owned by an organization. (Rev 13:4,15-17) This “great crowd” that overcomes deceit are spoken as victorious over the Beast. (Rev 15:2) Do we really think that the “great crowd” is victorious over the United Nations? And if these ones are victorious, then there was a war they were fighting. (Rev 13:5-7; 16:13-16 – “kings of the earth” belong to Jesus Christ, Rev 1:5; 5:10 They are not kings/rulers of the political world)

    You have to fight and win to be victorious - the truth of Christ against the lies of the false prophets that took them captive into their net, called “truth”. (Rev 13:1-2,4,11-14; Hab 1:14-17; Matt 13:47-48) Are JWs fighting for the truth of God, or do they refer everyone to the website, or leave in a rush when confronted with their teachings? It also has nothing to do with JWs standing in a field and waiting for Jesus and his “brothers” to come swooping down with weapons to kill the armies of the nations. The Wt. is a “stronghold” of lies. That’s what we fight against. (2 Cor 10:4-6) This war has everything to do with what comes out of the mouth, and standing up for Jesus Christ and the word of God. (Luke 6:43-45)

    The FDS? Christ makes that call when he returns. (Matt 25:14-30)

    If any of these scriptures seem out of place, please let me know! Thanks.

  • Earnest
    NotFormer : Yet the GB, who are Jesus' brothers, refer to [the "other sheep"] as brothers and sisters. But how can that be?

    This question reminded me that when the "other sheep" were first identified (they were also called Jonadabs) they were not included among Jehovah's witnesses, were not invited to the Memorial, and were addressed as friends or people of goodwill, not as brothers.

    The "other sheep" were understood to be people in general who were devoted to righteousness, even though they were not dedicated to God or spirit-begotten, the ones of whom Rutherford spoke in 1918 when he said "millions now living may never die". In the 1935 Washington convention (to which Jonadabs were invited) they were identified with the "great crowd" of Revelation. In 1938 the Jonadabs were specifically invited to be present at the Memorial as companions of the remnant and thereafter became a greater part of the congregations.

    There is a full discussion of this in the 15 February 1966 Watchtower article Identifying the Present-Day Beneficiaries [of the New Covenant].

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    The FDS doctrine.

    All in all,,it will never have a solid backing.

  • NotFormer

    DesirousOfChange: "Evidently that changed to it being ONLY the GB when the "F&D Slave" was named in a lawsuit and served to one of those claiming to be of the "remnant"."

    Is it just me, or does that not sound like a bit of a dick move?

  • FragrantAddendum

    FDS = Freakin Devilish Shysters

    loser GB just like loser CT Russell

    they just making stuff up

    followin footsteps of

    1st century apostate fake-fathers

  • FragrantAddendum

    (meant to post this one, sorry! the other is on DFing)

    this one is on "FDS" crap

  • blondie

    The WTS changed the definition of the FDS in 2012 >

    Who Does the Parable refer to?

    Is it apparent that the faithful slave is the Governing Body? No, as shown by Watchtower changing its teaching on who the Faithful Slave is several times. For a detailed article on these changes see Faithful & Discreet Slave Changes.

    Is it clear that the faithful slave was chosen in 1919. The article How 1919 is Derived shows that there is no justification for 1919 having any significance.

    For many decades, Watchtower taught that the faithful and discreet slave included all 144,000 "anointed" Jehovah's Witnesses. It wasn't until the 2012 Annual Meeting that the Governing Body greatly increased their own authority by announcing that they alone represented the faithful and discreet slave.

    Originally, Russell said the Slave was an illustration of the entire body of Christ, the little flock of 144,000 heavenly rulers.

    The Slave was described as the little flock - the 144,000 - extending from the time of Jesus.

    "Over a period of more than 1,960 years, that work of education has continued, preparing a little flock made up of people from "every tribe and tongue and people and nation" to serve with Christ in his heavenly Kingdom." Yearbook 1996 p.3

    In 1981, anyone that felt the Slave did not include all the 144,000 were vilified as objectors who were trying to force an interpretation.

    "The objectors may argue that not all of Christ's anointed disciples have a share in preparing the spiritual food, so that perhaps the "slave" pictures only the leading ones, and the "domestics" those they serve in the congregation.

    There is no point in trying to force an interpretation of the parable. Self-deception is of no benefit and is spiritually damaging. ... Thus we see a clear Scriptural basis for saying that all anointed followers of Christ Jesus make up God's "servant," with Jesus as its Master." Watchtower 1981 Mar 1 pp.24-26

    In 2012, the Governing Body completely contradicted itself with the new claim that they alone represent the Faithful Slave.

    ""Who Really Is the Faithful and Discreet Slave?"

    ... From 1919 on, there has always been a small group of anointed Christians at the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses. They have supervised our worldwide preaching work and have been directly involved in preparing and dispensing spiritual food. In recent years, that group has been closely identified with the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses." 2012 Annual meeting 10th Nov 2012.
    Watchtower 2013 July 15 page 22

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