August 31, 2017 BOE Re: Procedure for Handling Certain Cases of Wrongdoing

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  • wifibandit
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    great job Wifi and always appreciated.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    I wonder what Biblical basis they have for this?

    Did any king of Israel ever instruct the elders of the cities that if one of the servants of the king 'sinned' back at home, they shouldn't judge him in the city gates, but leave the king to handle it?

    I guess this serves two reasons:

    1. Bethel wants to keep tabs on it's slaves at all times. Sinning isn't between you and Jehovah, it's between you and your God Watchtower.
    2. Bethel wants to have the opportunity to sidestep the normal judicial procedures by assigning bethel elders to the case. That way they can influence the outcome. 'This guy is too valuable for the legal dept. He cannot be DFed!'
  • alanv

    Yes I think you are right Anders. These people are valuable to the org, so they want to do all they can to hang on to them. Why else would they want elders from Bethel to investigate the cases? Although it seems pretty weird to say bethel elders could sort it, when Bethel could be hundreds of miles away. Maybe its now Judicial enquiries using skype.

  • freddo

    Legal ass covering?

    If the "accused" is under the WT umbrella then they (WT) may well be held responsible for the "accused's" actions by "Caesar". And if found guilty by three minion elders in Woombawoombabong their hands may be tied.

    If it is child molestation then Bethel will want to "handle it". This is Oz after all.

    Any other offence then as Anders said "this guy is too valuable".

    Follow the money.

  • xjwsrock

    Business first; Religion second.

  • AverageJoe1

    Two sets of measures to judge by; something that God HATES by the way, according to the Bible.

  • tiki

    Oohhh....special treatment for special people....

  • Gorbatchov


    What starts like a bible study group somewere in 1876 ends up like a multi bilion corporation.

    How far from the early christians.

    Not the truth, my opinion.


  • waton

    copying the world, Judgement by a [small] group of peers, it appears, and: "hands off our privileged class. They might be s.o.b.s, but they are our d.o.b.s

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