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  • Simon
    It really all depends why you are getting disfellowshipped ...
  • someDUDEinAsmallCubicalSomewhereOverTheRAINBOX
  • jp1692

    Welcome to the Forum, PoG!

    You've a rough road ahead of you, that's for sure.

    Not everyone has the same experience, but it isn't easy to be kicked out of an organization that you've invested in emotionally, with your time, maybe your family and possibly even financially.

    That being said, you're life will be so much better now that you're out of this cult. And yes: It is a cult.


  •  The Bethelite
    The Bethelite

    My advice is investigate the religion were in. Like many of us here while we were in it....we never really studied the real history of the religion.

    I never did while I was in it for over 50 years.

    You might find out that leaving it was the best thing possible.

  • Whynot

    I highly recommend the book The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse and Combating Cult Mind Control. It really helped me. Start over and make new friends. Do those hobbies you've always wanted to do and focus on your new beginning.

  • punkofnice

    Hello POG

    I’m not sure if I still believe or not.

    Research and find out the answer for yourself. We are here because to us, mostly, the answer is it isn't the truth. It isn't worth believing once you've uncovered all the lies and scandals of the corporation.

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