How Do YOU Help New Ones and Lurkers Here at JWD???

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  • Gopher

    Big Tex,

    I'll try to help you get a job handing out the magazines before and after JWD sessions. How would that be?

  • yesidid


    You are correct: the bitterness expressed and lies spoken by some ex -witnesses, many years ago put me off. Even then I had lots of doubts and questions about the organization, but listening to them spewing out bitterness and half truths, turned me away from them. My reaction was, “They are bitter liars”.

    I can understand that some brothers, who are severely hurt because of the lies and the deceptions found in the JW system, would feel disappointed, betrayed, hurt and even bitter. However, since there is so much overwhelming TRUTHFUL evidence that this religion has gone off the tracks, I feel there is no need to throw mud. Remember “He who throws mud loses ground”. The bitterness stopped me from investigating the JWs theology, and unfortunately it took me much longer to get out of the system. It took the impartial, reasoned, Christian thoughts of Ray Franz to galvanize my thinking.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the way to attract concerned witnesses is by love: The love we show to them and the Christian attitude we show to their organization. We must remember “By this everyone will know you are …………..if you have love”. What right do we have to condemn their group, if we do not show love ourselves?

    What I have said above in no way negates empathy I feel for those whose hearts are broken and who have every reason to feel bitter because of the pain caused them as a direct result of the dictates of this harsh religion.

    [Mr.] yesidid

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Okay Minimus, Gopher and I have volunteered to be attendants. I'm even willing to run the mouses to posters wanting to make comments.

  • nilfun

    I wonder if I will even be allowed to handle the mic(e).

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    That will be left to the Simon's Simon-directed organization. We must show humility and patience and wait on Simon to show us the way. Satan is everywhere.

    A careful reading of archives of JWD does show non-penis people may handle mice/mouses/meeses. But you never when New Light will come out.

  • DJ

    I remember all too well just how vulnerable I was when I first left the wt. I was in terrible condition. I was frightened and felt very alone. I left 7 years ago and I did not have internet access. I am sure of one thing though, if I logged on to this site when I first had doubts and was immediately hit with posters who called God a piece of #@$% as I have seen others do, I may very well have run back to the kh. If a poster cannot respect the fact that a newbie is vulnerable and that just one word can make them terrified...then IMO, they ought not post to that person. I have personally seen quite a few newbies literally chased off of her by those who have chosen to become Atheists. That is there decision, by all means but it is so wrong to impose it upon a newbie. IMO and it aint so humble right now.....a newbie should be treated with utmost respect and gentleness. We should ask them what their questions are and guide them in a loving way. Anything other than that is a disservice to someone whom we, of all people... should be able to relate to with nothing other than kindness and compassion. Good Question Minimus.

  • Jayson
    I think the worst way to turn off people is to "sound like a bitter apostate".

    Stop talking about me Minimus

    For anyone anywhere in life where things just arn't what they used to be.

    For those who want to learn to talk to a JW about things but keep running into wall

    Releasing The Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselvesalt

    This book was the most moving for my personal family

    (Seeing double)

    I just recommend (plead) that people get all the information if they want to know if they are right. It is an very different thing when they need to be right. Read read read; I like to see people succeed in life. I love happy people. They are the best to be around.

  • Prisca

    I remember what it was like when I was first on the net, checking out the "apostate" sites. The ones that were bitter and full of sensational allegations turned me off at first, but it was sites that dealt with facts and personal experiences that really helped. There were a whole heap of private sites, on the "recovering jehovahs-witness web-ring" that contained heaps of personal stories and accounts, experiences that I could relate to.

    I post here generally to chat with friends I've made here, but when it comes to matters pertaining to JW things, then I try to keep in mind that there may be present or doubting JWs reading what I write; yet not white-washing things.

    I believe everyone should be treated with respect here, even JWs

  • minimus

    So nice to see such positive feedback......I'll be going away on business/pleasure this weekend and will return Sunday.

  • Nicolas

    I am one of those lurkers... I always find it really interesting to read your posts but, I reply very rarely. I suppose that my english is still not good enough to have a good conversation... I'm a french quebeckers by the way

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