Bravo watchtower

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  • 2badsosad

    I'm sure they will. In the case of my particular family targets though, they're so infrequent that they don't check things like So it's unlikely they'll bother to go there to get they're latest hit of indoctrination. Even less likely to check the Internet aposta-sources for the commentary for just how crazy the videos really are. But I sure wish they would.

  • Crazyguy

    Inactive ones are shunned anyway. I haven't gone to a meeting in two years and no one from my hall has anything to do with me and will only say hello if they happen to see me out in public. I'm sure the most here experience the same treatment.

  • Gratefullyunstuck

    UK conventions haven't started yet have they?

  • wallsofjericho

    yes shunning even those that have not had action taken against them by the cong

    anyone "calling themself a brother" but practicing sin

    sin = disobeying jehovah

    jehovah = jehovahs org

    jehovahs org = GB

  • Gratefullyunstuck

    Bit if you are inactive and not part of a congregation then are you still a brother??

  • punkofnice

    From what I've seen it's all very extreme. I'm hoping this will really wake many up to the criminal nature of the watchtower corporation.

  • stuckinarut2

    It will only reinforce the "pious and critical" mindset of witnesses. Those that are middle of the road will likely be stirred into full on cult mentality after this video series and talk.

    The atmosphere of the venue will sadly reinvigorate and strengthen the resolve of any who may have been waking up, and make them become full on witnesses again....

    If you think you have any in the congs who still say hi, that will stop immediately.

  • Vidiot

    hoser - "The speaker doing the shunning part made sure to pause before and after saying this includes inactive ones who haven't been through the judicial process..."

    Hey, that's me! I'm famous!!!


    Seriously though; It's a nice warm-up for any impending/potential "official" blanket action against faders.

    Shit, I've been expecting this for years, now (I even mentioned it in my very first post, here)... frankly, I'm surprised the rhetoric dialing up hasn't started sooner.

  • hoser

    Day 2

    They did a good job of getting the audience all emotional and teary eyed with the video Hope for what we do not see.

    Pretty much same old same old today though

    dont marry out of "the truth"

    don't work overtime

    don't watch porn on your cell phone.

  • NeverKnew

    How long do you guys expect this mindset to "stick"?

    I've read it has a 2 week impact on other threads. Do you agree?

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