Bravo watchtower

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  • hoser

    They did an excellent job of the first day of convention. IMO.

    I grade them A+ in shunning your dfd children

    they received an A in persecution complex.

  • LV101

    GAWD I hate this cult -

  • 2badsosad

    I'm so pissed. My wife went last week, but was sick the first day and missed the whole shunning video series. My sister and her husband went this week, but he had a last minute work issue and they missed the Friday as well. I really wanted them both to see the shunning video in hopes they would get a bit startled by it and maybe nudge them a bit more towards seeing just how insidious the cult is. They're all borderline as it is. Grrrrr. Guess it could also go the other way and they could be moved to up their JW shunning, but I think it would have really rattled them a bit.

  • hoser

    The speaker doing the shunning part made sure to pause before and after saying this includes inactive ones who haven't been through the judicial process.

  • 2badsosad

    I know. I hoped they would pick up on that and realize they would be expected to be shunning me if they were going to be good and proper JWs. But now they missed that part. But I guess like most things, it will likely be recycled at some point in some future talk or watchtower.

  • Wayward

    Shunning applies to inactive ones who haven't been through a judicial committee? So, people like me who haven't actually been found guilty of anything? Wonder how my JW family will take this when they finally have their conventions. Anyone else feel like the guillotine blade is about to come down?

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Boy this batch of Governing Body members are very desperate to go this far, but these guys will do anything to keep the flock from those they kick out. I'm sure a lot of JWs will smell a rat on this one.

  • TheListener
    I'm concerned about the effect this will have on my wife.
  • 2badsosad

    I think they make the point that they want active JW's to shun inactive JW's who they know have committed something that the elders should deal with. I.e. If you know the inactive JW is living with someone they're not married to, or if they know they're living a homosexual lifestyle, etc. If they're just inactive but not necessarily committing an disfellowshipping offense, then you might still not be subject to shunning. But of course there's going to be some speculation and confusion anyway.

    And some JW's just shun anyway, because well, that's what JW's do. If you're inactive, somethings up and you're not good association anyway. Since I stopped going to meetings about 2 years ago not a single person from our hall has stopped by to say hello except for an elder on a shepherding call.

  • smiddy

    Won`t the shunning videos be aired on JW.Org TV ? for any who have missed the conventions for one reason or another ? Illness , hospital stay for instance ?

    Encourage them to watch that .


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