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  • OneFingerSalute

    So OFS got to comment again this morning and thought the comment might bring a smile to someone.The second half question on par. 15 was, "We cannot actually see Jesus, so
    how can we “look intently” at him?"

    OFS commented, "Of course, we cannot literally see Jesus as Peter did. But Geoff Jackson described the governing body as Guardians Of Doctrine, and today we DO HAVE J Double You Dot Org and the J Double You TV where we can see and hear the governing body as they relay to us the faith strengthening words of the Guardians Of Doctrine."

    And of course as always the heads were bobbing up and down like kids at the apple barrel on Halloween. Am I taking too many chances?

  • Diogenesister
    No. You should have said "Guardians OF the Doctrine"
  • TheListener
    You really said that? Love it!
  • EndofMysteries
    It was all in one ear and out the other. Unless you say a 'red flag' phrase, then you can pretty much say anything and after the meeting, " I really enjoyed your comment".
  • prologos
    It is quite a spectacle to hear grown people seriously discuss for an hour the implications of 2 men's attempt to walk on water. Or the story. It shows you the mind control of the Imitation faith.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I'll bet you wouldn't have raised a "red flag" even if you had commented that the GB were the "Guardians of the Galaxy."

  • skin
    I don't even have the nerves to answer up a normal WT answer let alone a slightly off the track answer like that, well done. BTW keep up those answers and you may qualify for a privilege...

    AWESOME!! LOL!!!

    I need to start answering more. The thing is, it's more for me, not them. It's my own private joke, because they just can't get it. Also, they usually say, "Great comment DD. I never thought of it that way." Then I think, " No shit Sherlock! That's why you're the conductor!"

    DD 😇

  • prologos
    You can get away with almost any comment if you finish it off with a qualifier like: "This shows us Jehovah's mighty power to do anything". like walking on water.
  • WTWizard

    I think the members of the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger make a lousy substitute for Jesus. Does their making these rules, which do not always follow their own damnation book, even prove that Jesus existed? And what if the book itself is full of lies? About all I see as evidence is damnation and stagnation within the congregation, not proof of salvation.

    And no wonder Satan despises them so much. The Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger goes out of its way to force damnation and austerity down everyone's throat. They force people to disregard nature. They suppress real spirituality. They go so far as to insist that it is stealing from joke-hova for children to have an ice cream cone! They suck the joy out of everything, and then they wonder why Satan is mad at them.

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