From Being Slain to Oral Sex

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  • snugglebunny

    This is a follow-on to my earlier post 'The slain of jehovah'.

    So we're sat in a cafe with my old friend of over 40 years, together with his wife. Actually, it's 50 years. They've recently celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary and I was the best man at their KH wedding.

    After I was DF'd I assumed my friends wouldn't want to know me at all, so I kept away. They lived in another city so it wasn't difficult. Strangely, they hadn't even known about my own DF'ing until our meet up on Thursday. Likewise I hadn't known that they'd left the dubbies in the mid - 70's. Left, but not disfellowshipped. They'd moved house a lot so they must have slipped through the net.

    As our time together slipped by, I told them how my parents had wrongly assumed that I'd left because of the Watchtower article concerning the veto on certain goings-on in the marital bed. (Watchtower 1972 December 1 pp.734-6 Questions from Readers) They were mistaken of course, the article came out some months after my departure and it was some decades later that I became aware it even existed.

    However, the article sparked of some curiosity in my then oh-so innocent friends, both of them not quite understanding exactly what the WT article was refering to. It actually gave them an interest in the sauces and pickles side of marital life.

    And as the lady herself said, sometimes it's better to give than to receive!

    But here's the strange thing. Both our sets of parents approached us when the article in the 1972 WT was revoked in a 1978 WT. (Watchtower 1978 February 15 pp.30-1 Questions from Readers) They'd convinced themselves - both my parents and the parents of my friends - that we'd left "The Truth" solely because we wanted to be able to do all the naughty things that the 72 WT had forbidden.

    I recall being quite offended when my own parent told me that these things were OK for me to do now and it need no longer be a sticking point in my return to the truth.

    Bloody hell. Nuts or what?

  • Giordano

    The entire effort of the WTBTS is to pretend that they have........ the only truth....... and all of the answers to questions that nobody asked or ever wanted to know.

    Along with their pathetic rules....... things you can do and hundreds of things you can't do...the lines get blurred.....when they suggested that praying to Jehovah with your mate before you had sex was that moment when I said.................say what!

  • snugglebunny
    when they suggested that praying to Jehovah with your mate before you had sex

    I remember that! Could never find a link to it though.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I suspect a lot of guys pray before sex. and even before NOT getting sex.

    (just a joke, ladies!)

  • DesirousOfChange

    None of our peers (those who will speak openly) obeyed the ban on oral sex. Most were getting blowjobs before marriage believing that it was only "bad" if there was actual "penetration". Ya know how you can "sell yourself" on almost anything you want to believe.

  • BourneIdentity

    I know others have woke up due to huge things like the ARC, UN, blood issue, shunning, but mine was due to how Pharisaical the leaders are, how much absolute control they exercise over the members.

    Any practicing JW needs to give it some serious thought. These psychotic, power hungry men want to set rules for what you and your wife can do sexually behind closed doors. It’s not enough that you remained a virgin and did everything by the book staying morally clean before marriage. It doesn’t matter if he is an elder and the wife is a pioneer. You both can get disfellowshipped for doing certain acts in the privacy of your own bedroom. I’m not talking snorting cocaine or getting drunk, I’m talking typical foreplay things leading up to sex that any couple would do.

    When we had the Annual Meeting several years ago when Tony went off telling sisters they shouldn’t wear spandex when jogging in the neighborhood and no brother should wear Tailor fitting dress pants, that was the last straw, I was fed up with their domination and control. They are truly offspring of vipers!

  • BourneIdentity


    Too damn funny! Parents pleading for their kids to return to Jehovah because the 8 Pharisees will now permit you to receive a blowjob, how priceless!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Bourneidentity's comments reminded me of some thoughts I had while preparing my presentation to the United Nations.

    One characteristic many cults share is disrespect for the relationship of husbands and wives. The "Guru" will declare, "You cannot have a sexual relationship with the person you regarded as your spouse. The Guru is your connection to The Divine, and you must SUBMIT to The Divine if you wish to experience unity with The Divine."

    I have a friend who many years ago was a member of a Gurdjieff group in California. The twist who was the leader of the group was a rich bi-sexual guy who took special pleasure in getting straight guys to yield to the leader and grant the leader's sexual wishes. It was all about POWER and what people will do if you tell them that their salvation is at stake.

  • zeb

    so the gb are going to do a 50 minute session on this subject a t the next big convention?

    and apologize for all the marriages they have wrecked...?

    wt 1978Feb 15th p 30 seems to have been removed.. funny that.. Reminds me of the call to get rid of all the wt libraries a time back.. a few commentators here were quoting stuff the gb didn't like being reminded of.

  • snugglebunny
    Too damn funny! Parents pleading for their kids to return to Jehovah because the 8 Pharisees will now permit you to receive a blowjob, how priceless!

    it IS incredible. As Desirous of Change pointed out, many courting couples around that time were indulging in BJ's because they thought it was some sort of halfway-house for which one couldn't be disfellowshipped.

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