Paranormal stuff: is it a cultural thing? Rant ahead

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  • Whynot

    Paranormal stuff is common where my family is from it's almost expected. Native American background, my great grandmother was a witch doctor a damn good one too, my non witness relatives dabble in it. So I have seen stuff and experienced stuff. I don"t like it especially when I'm sleeping. Anyway, where my family is from it's absolutely normal and actually expected. Nothing like depicted in movies though. That stuff is beyond anything we have ever heard or seen personally. It's taken more as humor and fascination than anything else.

    Now, is it just me or do American Jdubs absolutely freak out like really, really bad about these kind of things. It seems to the point where they even overreact and exaggerate their fears. It's like a terror. For example, it's common for people from my culture to communicate with demons, they know they're demons and they're ok with it. Now, when I moved to the English and told a brother this he absolutely freaked out and told a bunch of others who also freaked out.

    Another time, a sister was studying with a family whom she claimed the house had demons or was haunted. My husband and I got curious and visited that family and we didn't see anything like she had described. My husband and I concluded that she's crazy lol.

    In the Spanish congregation, jdubs stay away ofcourse but they have a more relaxed view on it as well. It's more humor like "hey! Check out what happened to me this one time hahaha... hold my tequila."

    Now, I'm not talking about demon posession or santeria because that stuff is very, very creepy and that"s where I absolutely have to walk away. Ouiji boards and tarot cards aren't something my non-jdub relatives dabble with either. That creeps us out too.

    Anyway, is it a cultural difference? Has anyone else here seen the difference of Jdubs attitude according to their culture or country of origin?

    I could be asking this on the wrong forum since I know a lot of you are atheist.

  • flipper

    WHYNOT- Interesting thread. I exited the JW's about 15 years ago at age 44 and my ex-wife is still a fanatic JW who lives in California. And she was absolutely terrified of anything supernatural . My JW sister freaked out years ago when her husband and her moved next door to what they discovered was a female witch- started having creepy experiences, etc.

    I do believe that not only JW's , but religious people who claim to be Christians get freaked out over " the Devil " or " demons " as they are indoctrinated to believe all supernatural or after life connections are " bad " or " evil " .

    I have a little Native American in me and since leaving the JW cult - I've had many experiences with dead relatives or deceased friends trying to contact me through dreams, or electronic transmissions through cell phones or computers. I'm not afraid of it in the least. It's kind of cool that they contact me. I feel honored. And I'm a agnostic / atheist - yet from my experiences I do believe that the life spirit or energy in humans very possibly, and most probably does live on invisibly and they choose to connect to those of us who are receptive to connecting.

    Since 2010 I've also logged over 700 pages of my dreams . I keep track and write down most all of my dreams that I remember- so my subconscious mind is very open to communication with entities from beyond. I have no fear whatsoever - as I really do not believe in a " Devil " , " Satan " , or " demons " . I think it's just man made religions trying to invoke fear into people so the church can control them.

    There may be spirits or deceased people that play tricks or who are perhaps " evil " in their intentions towards the living, but I'd avoid those anyway like I avoid living humans that are that way. I feel like I'm an intuitive, or lean towards the psychic and any contacts I've had from my deceased mom or close friends have always been very comforting and positive- like they're telling me that they are looking out for me and being my guardian spirits if you will.

    I'm not religious at all, but I still believe that we can contact our deceased relatives or friends as I've experienced it myself. I have no fear whatsoever. But I believe lots of people in the United States who are affilated with " Christian " religions in general- including Jehovah's Witnesses - fear the afterlife or supernatural because they're taught that it's " evil " or " Satan " . Which I disagree with. I actually feel kind of sad for them that these JW's run around like a bunch of scared bunny rabbits due to all the other FEAR indoctrination they get from the WT Society.

    After 15 years out of the JW cult, I can generally say, there's not much that scares me anymore. I've lost a lot of that " fear " indoctrination. Take care, great thread ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Simon

    Superstitious mumbo jumbo. People think they are "spiritual" when really they are just pandering to some deep seated desire to be "special" in some way or to believe *their* ancestors are somehow extra-special and had some super-powers that others didn't.

    I think it ultimately plays into what happens with some cultures. After all, who's going to do better - someone sat dreaming about their dead great-great grandfather or someone thinking about how they can build a bridge to span a river?

    Also, all these experiences can be both induced or controlled with drugs - we are chemical beings and our brains are complex structures that go wrong, need to do housekeeping or can just be allowed to follow whatever BS nonsense someone sells us if we're not careful.

    Every argument that "my" religious experience is valid is an argument that everyone else's are too - and I have a hard time believing that so many obviously nutty people suffering mental health issues are really who we should be listening to about anything.

    Put me down as a cynical non-believer and ridiculer of the ridiculous. :)

  • Simon
    My JW sister freaked out years ago when her husband and her moved next door to what they discovered was a female witch- started having creepy experiences, etc.

    Yeah, simple cause and effect. Tell people a house is haunted and suddenly they start hearing noises that they otherwise wouldn't. It only works on people who is predisposed to believe that crap though, almost as though it's all in their head ...

    They learn something and then fill in the experience to match, never the other way around. That's not how 'evidence' works.

  • Whynot

    Mr. Flipper I'm happy you responded. My dfed husband used to be an elder and he feels that if I tell other jdubs about my spiritual experiences and intuitive insights I would get dfed immediately. I am a fader and I want to avoid getting dfed for now. My mother, who is a pioneer is very intuitive and sometimes gets premonitions, she sometimes talks about it but has become more fearful about it getting to the wrong ears.

    I have to say that I'm jealous of how intuitive you are and how your deceased relatives have communicated with you. That's pretty awesome! I don't think I'm emotionally ready for that yet but that would be really nice.

    Since I started to think for myself I have been able to quiet my mind enough to experience new and different perspectives about life, spirituality and what it means to be in this existence. I sometimes get scared of these new insights but I'm hoping to expand on them.

  • ttdtt

    Righ On Simon!

  • humbled


    I cannot respond to that particular question. I don’t live in or near the Irish/welsh legacy that formed the essence of my family. My early life was Catholic and did tend accept supernatural events and occasional prayers to saints. Obviously not connected to JWs.

    Besides that —the JW literature talks about Satan all the time but, unless memory fails me the narratives of the WT follow prefer to keep the paranormal in a more theoretical place. l cannot recall once when the WT writers maintained that an active JWs dealt with demons.

    It’s a tricky topic—not closely associated with scientific metering. Although these hauntings that that occur science explains: My sister moved out of s home after an incident in a closed room—but what she likely suffered from is a well known phenomenon: sleep paralysis . For her it was a ghost hound .to this day. Also..Isn’t it acknowledged by science that sponanteous healings have occurred ?

    In my earlier Catholic years the mystical and fantastic interventions of God or the saints was definitely the way l was given to explain matters. Now l see that the incidence of coincidences can be powerful l have to look at how l viewed everything that happened. I might, I could have superimposed a narrative without considering other natural factors surrounding these moments.

    But the power of the mind —maybe it does have some power.

    That said, l wonder at the several moments of powerful sequential coincidences in my life experience .And l listen to the stories of strange events that others experience-an old German born pioneer sister had wild stories— and wonder. Is it a sense we have lost like a sense of smell? I just let it go now.

    But the JW culture l believe keeps a lid on this topic no matter what cultural views you bring to it.

    edit: Pale Emperor reminds us that the demons are alive and well in JW tradition . They live in used clothing and other second hand objects.

  • Finkelstein

    Paranormal stuff is really stupid imaginary stuff, spirits dont exist or gods never did never will.

    Just because someone professes they are a practicing witch doesn't mean their activity is backed by factual or conclusive evidence.

  • flipper

    WHYNOT- Hey thanks. Yeah, the experiences I've had in dreams, and contacts through electrical transmissions are truly amazing. Hey look, I'm not in a position to say what actually happens after death. None of us will really ever know until we die - and we're in that state. I do not believe anybody ever comes back physically, but little messages through electronic transmissions or dreams, possibly- I've had some interesting experiences. I'm open to the possibilities . I'm not close minded . Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I have experienced a few things. The main theme just seems to be tricks. I didn't find them frightening. One was interesting and I went along to see what would happen. Another a reality twister. But in the end, I just wonder why whatever was doing it, bothered.

    But relating it on the forum just invites the typical

    • you're mentally imbalanced
    • on drugs
    • influenced by JW land
    • chemically altered or driven
    • hysteria has taken you away
    • and don't forget you're schizophrenic

    In the end, if a person doesn't know you, it's difficult to believe that something really happened other than the above reasons. My sister says, if it doesn't impact her life, she's just not going to think about it. She knows that I am none of the above but since there isn't a "normal" explanation, she just shrugs her shoulders. Even I don't 100% believe someone telling their experiences, especially if I don't know them well. So there you go.

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