Paranormal stuff: is it a cultural thing? Rant ahead

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    Mental clarity:
    what was really interesting for me to discover was that there used to be a group of scholars who were doing these experiments on university campuses which would be completely impossible to do now because of changed attitudes and perceptions regarding was is considered "science"

    Parapsychology was never really accepted in the scientific community. Parapsychology never did meet the requirements of basic scientific methodology.

    Science has always been science. Nothing changes that method. Validity and reproducibility is essential to science and it is on the first requirement - validity - that parapsychology fails miserably.

    Validity means that the means of measurement is valid - in other words, does the measurement actually measure what the scientist says it does. In parapsychology, that is not possible. It never has been possible and it likely never will be. That is why parapsychology fell out of favor. It cannot claim validity and therefore cannot be science.

    Ideas about what science is hasn't changed. But people continue to try to change it to something it isn't.

    Parapsychology tried and failed the fundamental test to qualify it as science.

    By the way, the class you took sounds interesting. But it isn't science. It is anthropology.

  • mentalclarity

    @OrphanCrow I'm not sure how widely accepted parapsychology was in the scientific community, but it must have had some recognition in order to have a parapsychology laboratory at a university like Duke.

    I honestly just got a kick out of some the experiments they did. Yes, I completely agree that it's difficult to recreate these "paranormal events" in a lab. I'm not sure if psychology is much better though. Alot of studies look at outcomes/results and manipulate variables but the whole inner process of what's happening is hard to measure yet psychology is a respected field.

    Culture is key though- Catholicism allowed religious syncretism so there was alot more acceptance in Latin America, for example of, native indian beliefs (on nature/spirits). The conquerors were men who came by themselves (for the most part in the beginning) and had families with the natives as opposed to the puritans who came to the US as families and lived in isolated communities with beliefs that were exclusive, not inclusive. If you go to the Andes you'll see a rich fusion of beliefs among the locals - they celebrate their Catholic saints and still have their own religious healers all in perfect harmony. So other cultures are much more open historically to "spirits" I'd say than here in the US.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    About 8 years ago, when I was still living with one of my younger sisters (I unfortunately bought a house with her) I had this experience.

    My work didn't start till 10, so in the mornings, I would do things on the computer or garden outside. My part of the house consisted of a small living room, bathroom and bedroom. The kitchen was shared. On Thursday of that week, I'd just been sitting at the computer reading stuff. It was getting close to work time so I turned it off. It was then that I realized that I'd been hearing a noise for quite some time. It wasn't loud but consistent. A soft rustling noise, almost like the pages of a magazine being flipped in a breeze. But it wasn't quite that either. Just a rolling, fluttering soft muttering of a noise. I got up and walked to the bedroom door - and it stopped.

    I looked ahead into the living room, but my cat wasn't there, no magazine was blowing in a breeze from the open patio door. In fact when I looked outside, there wasn't a breeze at all. Aha I thought, it's the cat from up the street poking around in our house again. So I started clapping my hands together to startle it out of hiding. I went from my side, through the kitchen and into my sisters side of the house making noise and looking for the cat. Nothing. I stood silently listening but heard nothing. I shrugged my shoulders and figured it must have snuck out.

    I completely forgot about it until I was once again sitting at my computer the next day. Just as I turned it off, I recognized the same fluttery noise going on. So I quietly got up and slowly walked to the bedroom door, expecting to catch my cat or the neighbors cat messing around. Just as I got near the door, it stopped. I stood listening and looking but there was nothing. No breeze outside. Everything was quiet. I walked silently through the house. Nothing moved, no thing was there.

    Have you ever smelled something and tried to figure out exactly what it was that you were smelling? Well this noise had no reference in my mind as to what it was. Not a magazine, not leaves, not a cat batting papers, not a mouse scuttling thru the walls - there just wasn't anything I could pick and say it was "this" making the noise. At this point, I was suspicious because I'd had previous experiences and this seemed to be shaping up into another "demon" thing. Which annoyed me no end. You know growing up as a JW, demon's always came from second hand things etc. I liked shopping thrift stores and garage sales, so what it could be was a long list. Oh man, I just hated the thought of it all. Stupid demons, didn't they have anything better to do? Really really annoying. So annoying I just left for work and didn't think about it again.

    Saturday and no work. I went out in the backyard and followed my cat around. Sat down at the computer. Read stuff, did some artwork on it. Heard that crappy noise again.

    I just sat listening for a minute or so. The soft muttering noise. I got up, walked to the door, it stopped. Nothing there. I could hear some kids out on the school yard faintly. No wind. No cat. How annoying.

    I went into the kitchen and leaned against the counter and thought. Everything I knew about demons, my own experiences. Things in the bible like Jesus and the pig herd. And I thought, what an incredibly stupid thing it was if it was true, that demons become bound to an object and you have to toss it out to get rid of them. I then imagined several people finding a demon infested object, throwing it out into the trash. The trash goes to a landfill and the demons are trapped in layers and layers of crap. I then imagined a cut away of the dump and all the demons with word bubbles saying "Help! I'm stuck in a dump and can't get out!" Jeesh, why would God then need an Angel with a key to an abyss to bind them, if he could just toss them into a landfill?

    So it didn't make any sense. I pondered even more about why would a "demon" or whatever it is, create a noise just to bug someone? I thought about the chess piece from long ago. Why was the queen used and not just a pawn or any other piece? There was some intelligence or "knowing" about the fact the queen was used in the game. But I didn't know until the owner told me. So why pull these tricks? Didn't they have anything better to do? I thought of Loki the trickster. Maybe whatever these things are, have played around with people through the centuries and so myths, gods are made. Or maybe not. I will probably never know.

    So I stood thinking about it for a long time. And then my sister came home from field service and saw me there. She went into her room and came back out. "Have you brought anything home lately? Like from a thrift store or anything?" she asked. I said Why? She then relates that last night, she heard her phone ring but didn't get up to answer it. She heard a man leave a message on the machine, but there was none when she played it back this morning. Now my sister is a demon freak. She's afraid of them and attributes lots of things to them. So this could be one of those cases where the message logs on her phone machine were full and so didn't record the message. But whatever. I didn't want to be bugged by this noise again so I played the game and put some things out by the garbage can.

    Surprise, no more noises. Never happened again. Really, it could have been a random entity passing by and none of the objects were "possessed" but made me play the game they have going. Who makes these rules anyway? My older sister said later, Why didn't you bring them all back in the next day and see what would happen? I said the next time it does happen, I'll bring them to your house and you can entertain them.

    Really. Annoying.

  • LongHairGal

    WHY NOT:

    When I was about seven years old, I had a paranormal experience (that I don’t want to go into) that almost scared me to death.

    Since none of us knows what will happen to us after we die, I believe anything is possible.

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