Satan temping Eve. Had she not ate

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  • pleaseresearch

    Being the loving God that he is :)

    How do you imagine this playing out. Let's say Eve didn't eat and so we didn't fall into sin.

    What do you think God would have done with Satan and his demons?

    As we know with poor Job. God let Satan have his way big time with him and allowed him to do many many things to him. So I think the same might be the case with Eve. Had it not been a snake, he may have come back in the form of another animal. Or tried another tactic altogether.

    What do you think?

  • sir82

    Something JWs never think about: If Eve hadn't sinned, none of them would be alive.

    My parents met at a roller-skating rink. They both happened to live in that particular place in the USA because their [parents / grandparents / farther-back ancestors] emigrated to the USA, to escape poverty / oppression / other nasty things. Going back 20 or 30 generations, their ancestors probably relocated to [XYZ location in Europe] for the same reason(s). Ditto going back 100 or 200 generations.

    If Eve had never sinned, there would never have been millennia of poverty / oppression / slavery / etc. leading to millions of people migrating back and forth across continents in the exact same pattern that led up to [any individual's parents happening to cross paths in such a unique way that they eventually married and had kids].

  • Ireneus

    Once in abundance greed appears which is personified as Satan, hence Eve will eat at any cost.

  • Dunedain

    I thought about this exact same scenario, except it was 36 years ago, when i was 6 years old, lol. I was a young, born in, indoctrinated 6 year old, raised on the My book of bible stories, talks from the podium, Watchtower mags, and all the other bullsh$t.

    Yet, one night, at the tender age of 6 years old, after a little study between me and my 30 something year old, Elder Father, i dropped that "bomb" on my Daddy. I said, well Dad, we should all really be glad that Adam and Eve sinned. Perplexed, he looked at me, and said, Why, what do you mean son?

    I said, Well Dad, if they never sinned, we would have NEVER been born. My Father was shocked that i said that. He was not mad, he was not dissapointed. Instead, he was blown away by my 6 year old "logic". It made HIM think, and he told me later in life, that it always stuck with him. He also said, thats when he realized that i was well beyond my years, and that i was thinking more than most biblical, JWs were that were triple my age.

    Needless to say, it must have been such an impression, as he is no longer quite convinced that JWs have the "truth" anymore. Now we both have VERY deep conversations, and none of it is tainted thru JW goggles anymore.

  • Wild_Thing

    The saddest thing about the Adam and Eve story is that it was known to be a myth for centuries, but at some point, religious leaders decided the myth should be read as a literal story that actually happened, and left out other parts of the original mythic story.

    The real question should be ... what would have happened if religious leaders from the past never took the story as actual fact, and accepted it as a myth?

    Here is some light reading. I found this article from last year really interesting:

  • mikeflood

    The thing that baffles me is how something perfect could turn to the 'dark side'. Adam and Eve is a children's tale. What about the angels that choose to make themselves a body so the could have sex with women!. Imagine perfect entities that had lived forever choose the dark side. On the other hand imagine Jesus and the history of having the option to have 'all the kingdoms of the world' , he as a perfect entity could have accepted. I mean those literary tales are so powerful that is not a mystery why people get so fanatic sometimes.

  • Dunedain

    Also, along with mikefloods coment, is that angels were presumably around for million, if not billions of years with God and Jesus, up in heaven.

    The were contemporaries of them, as fellow spiritual creatures. They not only witnessed the complete creation of the physical UNIVERSE, with all the galaxies, suns, solar systems, earth, animal, plant life, and humans, but also lived in the spiritual realm with them.

    For them to have disobeyed, and forsaken their natural forms, is quite a stretch, and baffling. Then for Adam and Eve to have been tempted RIGHT AWAY, after their creation, and held to such a high standard, when they were really only INFANTS, in the big scheme of things.

    So, perfect angelic creatures, who LIVE with GOD, and have been around for billions of years, sinned ONLY then, and get a slap on the wrist, and allowed to MOLEST the 2 newest creatures, human man and woman. Meanwhile, they were only children in comparison, both age wise, mentally, and an inferior creature, compared to an ANGEL. Yet now for eating a F@CKING fruit, have to deal with death, misery, disease, pain, shame, and all the evils of the world.

    If you were God, or a parent, would you let some godlike all powerful creature, with powers, and intellect beyond imagining, with cunning, and ill intent, tamper or harass your NEWBORN BABY. No, you would NEVER do that. Yet, by God allowing Satan to molest/tamper with Adam and Eve, thats EXACTLY what happened, if you really think about it. Then would you blame the BABY for being seduced and hurt, or would you have protected that baby. Adam and Eve were new "babies" when compared to the millenia of spiritual creatures, and their time on planet earth.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    How do you imagine this playing out. Let's say Eve didn't eat and so we didn't fall into sin.

    The whole story is nonsense from beginning to end but according to JW's the issue that Satan brought to the forefront was God's "universal sovereignty" and needing to prove to the myriads of angels that God had the right to rule.

    Satan tempted Eve with the fruit but even if she refused, by his actions Satan had challenged Gods authority and even told Eve that she could be like God herself and would not die. When God eventually confronted Satan about this matter, Satan likely would have made the same challenge, that of being able to turn everyone away from God. If God destroyed Satan there and then, just as in the original story, it would have looked as if he was afraid of Satan. If "universal sovereignty" was the real issue, he'd have had to let Satan continue in order to give him time to prove himself without any interference.

    The only way the human race would win out in this scenario is if Adam and Eve were able to have at least two perfect children before someone succumbed to Satan's devices.

  • WTWizard

    And the world would have instantly slipped into slavery for all. Joke-hova's purpose is to have the whole world (the universe) stripped of all fulfilling life, and to have it all enslaved to its damnation. Had the first people not even fought, we would all today be enslaved to that abomination of a god, and no one would even be allowed to explore outside what's enough to provide joke-hova with the energy it needs to wipe out life in the whole universe.

    Obviously, it is a sin to have any life outside joke-hova enjoying itself. Only joke-hova is allowed to enjoy anything.

  • Finkelstein

    I think god should have given Adam and Eve one more chance, I've talked to a few serpents and they can be pretty convincing .

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