My stupid neighbors!

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  • teenyuck

    You cannot poison it. Someone did that to a dog yesterday; it was on the evening news. The Franklin County Animal control is offering a reward!!

    Seriously, call me or PM me and give me the neighbors info. I could be driving down that street one day, stop to make a call and see those dogs. I then could report them.

  • Bodhibear420

    Poison, Guns, Electricution.... I love the compassion you guys show. Wake the f-ck UP. Your problem is not with the dogs, they are a symptom. The issue is with the owner. All you are doing is promoting cruelty and violence. Don't you think that there is enough of that around already?? Killing the dog doesnt solve the issue, if it did the whole thing would have ended when the last one got "put down". I realize that this guy is a menace to the nieghborhood, but killing pets isn't the solution. I had neighbor kids who would run through the yard throwing rotten ground apples at the house, I didnt take care of this by putting Anti-freeze in their lunch or by picking em off with rounds. Try evolving beyond the caveman response and use your noodle to solve the problem, not avenge the situation.


  • JamesThomas

    Dan, Have your neighbor check out the Bark-Free Ultrasonics: JamesT

  • SheilaM

    Dan: I know what you mean about it triggering depression, Mine comes on more when I get frustrated with things such as this. We have an idiot German Shepherd usually these dogs are so intelligent but this one is untrained and BARKS 100% of the time he is out it is honest to God none-stop. A few years ago I had my older dog and my puppy in my arms in MY backyard, the dog who is really belongs to the loser son of this couple who are VERY fragile elderly people. The dog jumped the fence in his yard then the neighbors and almost made it over the back fence before the caught him he was FREAKING and I know would have bitten me or my dogs. He actually scared me I have never been scared of a dog before he was frothing and snarling because I WAS IN MY YARD. Well, I filed a complaint and they had to put up a fence. The dog still barks but at least is not a danger. I have never wanted a dog to be put down before but this one makes it where we can't even enjoy my yard. My older dog looks and the fence then at me like "what the hell is his problem" LOL

    I would call animal control and keep calling, call the newspaper also get a petition do something I wouldn't ever think of killing it with antifreeze the dogs suffer horribly THIS IS NOT THEIR fault it is the fault of their owners the dogs know what they are taught and the owners suck.

  • mustang

    "The neighbor also has a civil cause of action against these folks for nuisance, which means that the neighbors are not allowed to interfere with the use and enjoyment of your neighbors land and property. "

    This is known as the "doctrine" of The Right of Quiet Enjoyment. It is a principle found in almost all legal codes. While it usually applies strictly to landlord-tenant situations, I think it has been used in neighbor-neighbor situations.

    Also, it is easy to look up ownership records at the County Recorders Office. This would verify what you probably already know: whether the occupant rents or owns. If the occupant rents, does his landlord know about this?

    What is not so easy is to identify the CARRIER OF THE HOMEOWNER'S INSURANCE. But if you could, inform them. The Insurance Carriers almost always LOSE in any action regarding such a dog. They would be VERY INTERESTED TO KNOW OF THIS SITUATION.


  • DanTheMan

    Tina thanks for the link, I will be giving Franklin County Animal Control an anonymous call tomorrow.

    Nathan, you are cracking me up man!!!!!

  • leddfootdja

    Here's a suggestion,

    Print out this article and leave it on the dog owner's doorstep!

  • cruzanheart
    i've heard chocolate does them in

    My vet told me (after Dexter ate an entire cookie jar full of chocolates) that chocolate isn't usually fatal in larger dogs -- it's the smaller breeds that can't handle it. By the way, just for info purposes, miniature Baby Ruth bars will pass through a dog's digestive tract completely intact. So will brightly colored chocolate wrappers that SOMEBODY didn't bother to chew off. You should have seen the back yard two days later!

    My suggestion is a wooden privacy fence on that side of their property, if not all the way around. Something nice and solid. Dan, you could probably help him install it after you call Animal Control a few more times.

    In our last neighborhood, a blue tick heeler hound lived two streets down from us, in a house that was the same floor plan as ours. For some unknown reason, that idiot dog would get out of his fence (he could climb it, and it was a 6-foot privacy fence) and zoom straight over to our house to terrorize our dog and kids. He dislocated Dexter's shoulder by jumping on him. But he wasn't mean, just under-exercised and really hyper. He actually chewed a hole in our fence so he could go in the back yard and made lots of attempts to get into the house. I called Animal Control repeatedly, and they came out so often that he'd just jump in the front seat of their truck when he saw them come up! Each time he was picked up meant a higher fine for his owners, not to mention the trouble of going to get him from the shelter, so just keep it coming. Maybe you can reach them through their pocketbooks.


  • amac

    Don't kill the poor dogs! Buy a pellet gun and you can have hours of endless fun! If you are really sly, maybe you can tag one when the owner is nearby and he can see what it is like getting chased by a pitbull (not sure if that will work, but it's worth a try.)

  • rocketman

    Some people don't know how to live among others.

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