Is my situation unique ?

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  • Steel

    So UBM here.

    i have a jw wife who in 10 years of marriage I have never seen actually read the bible, never given a witness to me, never had a biblical discussion. For a number of years now hardly even reads the magazines. I pick her after meetings and ask her what she learned and she changes the subject.

    I was raised in the church and without being very religous , I like to think I have some idea of the bible narrative. I have been told by witnesses they are impressed with my biblical knowledge level, yet they have no interest in talking to me about biblical matters once they find out I am not completely ignorant of bible theology.

    Getting back to my wife. Every saturday morning, Sunday morning , Tuesday day, assembly and circuit overseer visit. It's s complete dog and pony show . Outside of the complete obedience to the governing body , my wife is an absolute fraud . It's just shocking how much time is wasted for nothing.

    My question, how many witnesses live like this.

  • Crazyguy2

    Probably a lot more then people think.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I would say that the WT religion is partially responsible for the split personality/life going on. My mother would make us go to meetings, out in service and assemblies. But as soon as we got home from all of this, it was as if it didn't exist. Unless of course my mom and dad got into a fight. Then it became that she was a righteous person and he wasn't.

    My dad was a "worldly" person and never became a witness. I don't remember my mother ever really discussing bible things or using Jesus or god as an example for us. She left that up to the meetings to do. So she believed that the meetings and literature would educate us and she didn't have to. I don't think the religion ever made her a better person because she still is as she was..

  • smiddy3

    My experience is that many religious people are mentally lazy and are quite content to let other people do their thinking for them as to what to believe . Sub consciously they probably think the burden is off of them and rests with those that taught them.

    Even when I was "in" I was surprised at how many Elders /MS did not want to discuss the Bible or religion outside of the meetings the common reason was "oh we get enough of that at our meetings this is our free time ."

  • Steel

    I have to spend three days in an assembly ( well I will sleeping in the car) while they trash higher education when my wife is putting 100 a paycheck in my son's collage fund .

    It seems like such Bullshit we even have to go.

  • smiddy3

    Well steel maybe your wife is more awake than you realize if she is willing to pay to further your sons education in college . Good for her .And I hope your son rewards both of you by having a productive lucrative career and is a successful person that you both can be proud of knowing he would never had got their if both of you had listened to the Governing Body .

  • Tameria2001

    I'd say probably say there are quite a few as well. I say this because if they actually took the time to read the bible in it's complete context, and not taking it out of context like the Watchtower tells it, they would see very quickly how bogus things really are. While I was still a JW, I never read the bible from Genesis to Revelation, but I did after I left it. All of it except for the genealogy part, that always makes my eyes gloss over, and I really don't care to know who the father and son were of So and So.

  • ToesUp

    I think there are a lot more people,within the borg, who act like this. They go for social reasons and can tell others they went to "church" on Sunday. lol

  • sir82

    If not the majority of JWs, then a very large proportion of them simply "go through the motions". It's more of a social construct than a religion.

    Reasons vary by individual, but in my experience, less than 10% of JWs really truly act like they fully 100% believe the entire body of doctrine.

    Probably not too much different than the normal churches out there.

  • Diogenesister
    have to spend three days in an assembly ( well I will sleeping in the car) while they trash higher education when my wife is putting 100 a paycheck in my son's collage fund .

    I have to say, though Steel, good for your missis!

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