The Best And Worst Accents In The World

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  • asleif_dufansdottir

    I love listening to all accents! I have since I was a little girl, and I pick them up fairly easily, too.

    When we drove semi (all 48 states and bits of Canada), we had a blast listening to accents. My favorite story is when we were staying at our company's Atlanta terminal (Atlanta may have a high percentage of nawtherners, but the truck terminals down there don't ). My husband had been asleep in the sleeper, and rolled out of bed to come in and go to the bathroom and take a shower in whatever clothes he grabbed first. If memory serves, it was an orange flowered shirt, purple "jam" shorts (this was a while back), knee-high socks, and his trucking company cap with his long ponytail sticking out the back.

    He said "Hi, Sweetie" to me as he went past. The good ol' boy I'd been talking to (bit of a redneck but still the Southern gentleman) looked at me for a moment, and, with just a touch of understatement said, "Y'all ain't from 'round here, are ya?"

  • Bendrr

    Best? IMHO, British definitely. I just love hearing Julia Sawalha, she's absolutely fabulous! Ok, my little crush aside, I love hearing any woman speak with a British accent. Verrrry sexy. Coming in a close second is French or Spanish when spoken by a woman.

    Worst? Being a Southerner you'd expect me to say anything yankee. And sometimes I'd agree with you. Depends on the individual. Around here the accent I truly don't want to hear is Middle Eastern or Indian. I can't understand a word they say and usually don't particularly care much for the speaker either.

    And I'll be honest with you about something. Sometimes I don't care to hear someone with a Southern accent either, even though mine is quite obvious. The Southern accent can be a beautiful thing until it gets uglied up by trailer trash.


  • manon

    Favorite accents


    English UK



  • Aztec

    Hands down..the Brits have the sexiest accents ever! I'm a bit partial to Aussies and Canucks too but the British...OMG!!! Accents I can't stand...Bostonian ACK! The one American accent I like..Southern! Except when they talk reeeeeaaaaally slow, then it's annoying. :) ~Aztec

  • WildTurkey

    I love the southern accents, just not mine........,, then I would say Spanish.

  • WildTurkey

    Opps that was from me LyinEyes above, not WildTurkey.

  • Mary

    I love British Accents, especially if the guy is cute..........and Southern US accents too......I've always been told that we Northerers (Ontario) don't have an accent.........although I do remember one trip to Savannah, Georgia years ago that was quite memorable. The waitress came to take our order and asked "y'all reada to oder?" As soon as we started to talk she narrowed her eyes and asked suspiciously "where y'all frum?" (My dad figured that by our 'norther accents', she mistook us for Yankees).

    When my dad told her we were from Canada, her mood changed completely and she was Miss Personality after that. After bringing our food, she proceeded to charm us with her version of the Civil War..........I mean "the Wah between th' States." It was quite memorable.

  • Athanasius

    I have a mid-Atlantic accent even though I am a native Californian. I used to think that the Irish had the best accent. However, my girlfriend is Ukrainian and she has the most beautiful East-European accent. Its a toss up right now.


  • mattnoel

    El Kabong - I take it that was the Brooklyn accent, I can speak Cockney if you can talk Brooklyn to me - Deal ?

  • freedom96

    I have always been a fan of women from Australia. I think their accent is adorable.

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