Advice on my JW Mother

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  • mentalclarity

    I can totally relate. I stick to general topics with my mom. She shares alot of her life which inevitably is filled with JW stuff and I just stay quiet or change the subject.

    However, one thing I recommend is to develop some sort of "mom" relationship with someone else. I have a few older female friends who are kind of like my substitute moms. I realized my mom and I were never really going to have a super close/deep relationship thanks to her beliefs and I still needed that so my older friends are the ones I invite to my kids birthdays or ask advice on life or share all my personal things with. That's helped me to not feel resentful towards my mom. She just really can't give me the relationship I need as a daughter. But there are plenty of women who would love a substitute "daughter". I get to call my friends on their birthdays and mothers day and am so appreciative of their love and attention. They probably like me more than their own kids..haha.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Hey Amigo!

    I'm in a similar situation with my beloved MIL. She never remarried after my FIL died but she went thru a period of doubt in the wt. I love her dearly and will not do anything to destroy our relationship so I just listen to her when she beseeches me to 'return to jehober'.

    At this point in her life whatever brings her comfort and joy is a ok with me. She is no longer a danger to her kids or grand-kids over the blood doctrine. If she chooses to die for refusing blood, well that her choice. She understands why I have chosen to step away from the wt organization and on many point she doesn't disagree with me but at the same time she wants to remain "loyal".

    Bite your tongue and enjoy her company. She won't be here forever, even if she believes that she will!

    just saying!

  • OnTheWayOut

    My mother is so sure that Armageddon will come around some next corner any minute now. But we have found a middle ground where we are not supposed to talk about it. My situation is different as I am inactive and baptized. My mother violates our agreement not to talk about it, but just a little bit here and there.

    I suck it up, as I see she is not ready at all to hear about how it is a dangerous mind control cult.

    I wish I had a better story for you, but that's how I deal with it.

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