Do you think there will be panic buying of food, guns ect?

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    Right now there is so much misinformation it's difficult to get a clear handle on how serious it might be.

    Yeah...I saw a headline that says that some are making a bigger issue of the Contra virus than it is, just to smear the Trump campaign.

    I could see how an epidemic might make food supplies dwindle due to so many in the working force being sick. I bought groceries yesterday and picked up a large bag of powdered milk and a flat of canned condensed milk and flat of canned Vienna sausage and a second bottle of Whiskey (Simon's idea) to add to my already existing emergency food supply. Costco used to carry powdered eggs awhile back but they don't seem to carry them anymore.

    As I said in a similar post, we live in earthquake country and since most stores only have one or two days worth of food on hand we keep a 2 week supply of food (for 4) on hand in case the big one hits and downed overpasses and bridges and power outages make it difficult or impossible for supplies to be brought in.

    I am not a gun enthusiast and have never owned one but it did cross my mind that in a real disaster there would be those who will prey upon those who have a supply of food. I just don't see myself getting into a shoot out over a a couple of weeks of food and I don't see myself not sharing what I have with someone else. If it gets to that point, the food is going to run out eventually anyway no matter how much I've stored so I figure I'll just take things as they come. The Polyannaish part of me believes that things will work out somehow and maybe all I need is a can or two of pepper spray to ward off a hungry intruder.

  • Simon
    it did cross my mind that in a real disaster there would be those who will prey upon those who have a supply of food

    Just don't have lavish outdoor BBQs in front of your starving neighbours and you will probably be fine.

    Also, practice putting on a "hungry" face and move slow, as though you are low energy, to throw them off.

    I could see how an epidemic might make food supplies dwindle due to so many in the working force being sick

    One thing we're seen recently in Canada with protests blocking train shipments is that supply is often "on-demand" and the chains are pretty thin. Having things sat in warehouses is a cost, so everything is just-in-time which means that the supply ends almost immediately - there is little slack in the system.

    So when anything happens, disruptions to shipments caused by strikes or lack of workers, the consequences can impact almost immediately.

    You don't have to be a doomsday prepper to know that it's common sense that you might need to have some supplies in stock because the minute there's a hint that anything might run out, then it definitely will run out because people will panic. Well, we call it panic when other people do it - when we do it we call it sensible fore-planning ...

  • MeanMrMustard
    But buy things you'll use anyway, then there is no waste - just recycle it over time, drawn it down when panic has subsided or whatever.

    Yeah. As of now, this sounds like the key.

  • LV101

    Some real preparation posts here and you've got my attention. I don't like this crepehanger topic nor cann'd/tinned foods. Time to return to the farm - bread basket area of planet earth unless there's another smelt fish and looney lefts (Obama) shut off water supply choking farmers/crops. Ahh, Ole Bernie will get the soup lines going.

  • Finkelstein

    I think we are far from that theological situation.

    Did someone watch too many doomsday movies or read Watchtower magazines.?

    Unfortunately apocalyptic doomsday religoius cults like the JWS push people away from being balanced in thought and emotions.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Oh damn. I forgot the WT stuff. Now I have to get some neckties and razors stocked up. And a ghost computer connection so the official letter can come through. Did any of those pictures show a bucket in the corner?

    Being ready for things is common sense.

    Actually just find the Mormons they have a storehouse in addition to the home supplies in most cities. A friend tells me they dont have guns but I did not believe.

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    food in Europe, guns in America ?

  • RubaDub

    I'm really not sure what guns have to do with this but I guess if someone comes to your house and you think they might have the coronavirus, you can just open your window and shoot them.

    Rub a Dub

  • hoser
    N95 masks started disappearing from store shelves about a month ago in my town. I heard people were buying them up to ship them to their relatives in Asia. I think everyone in town is sold out. The stores have them on back order but don’t know when they will receive any. I wouldn’t doubt there is a container full of them stuck in Vancouver because of the eco terrorists blockading our railroads and ports.
  • JimmyYoung

    Also to have an AR15 Mini14 or AK plus at least one good hand gun in 9mm and a stock of ammo. Not so much for the virus but a real SHTF scenario. If someone attacks during a SHTF and I die what ever but I don't want to die from lack of shooting back. Also several standard capacity 30 round mags and maybe even one or two 100 rounds. Right now AR15s are so cheap its crazy. You can pick one up for 399. Palmetto State Armory has the freedom complete uppers with BCG and charging handle for 229. You only need to go through an FFL on the receiver all other parts and uppers can ship directly to your home. If you want to make your own lower receiver you can buy an 80 percenter and get the jig and make it if legal in you local and it ships directly to your home no serial nos, but you can not sell that receiver to anyone unless you serialize it and register that with ATF. I built one a few years ago, took me about two hours and was fun to build and works like store bought.

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